Selective Media Mutes Coverage of Violent Attack Against Interior Department

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It seems like ever since January 6th of this year, after the unfortunate protests against the certification of last November’s presidential election, all some media outlets have wanted to talk about is, well, January 6th.


On Democratically controlled Capitol Hill, we’ve already seen the formation of a select committee that is more interested in the effort to “investigate and report upon the facts, circumstances, and causes relating to the January 6, 2021, domestic terrorist attack upon the United States Capitol Complex” than in examining the series of events that caused many Americans to feel that the election results were deserving of additional scrutiny.

Members of this so-called “January 6th committee” are now reportedly working on potential legislation to modify the 134-year-old Electoral Count Act, in what they claim is an effort to ensure that a losing party can never subvert the results of a presidential election, while clearly ignoring the volumes of evidence displaying the rampant irregularities associated with the last election.

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So, while this political theater continues to play out, one recent event that invoked similar imagery and disorder to January 6th continues to completely fly under the radar — the siege against the Interior Department by climate change activists just weeks ago. 

While networks like CNN and MSNBC continue to overplay the videos and parade a seemingly never-ending conga line of never-Trump pundits to reiterate the same talking points related to the actions of the January 6th protestors being tantamount to “domestic terrorism,” those same networks and pundits have made nary a peep related to the mid-October mayhem at the hands of the far-left radical group “Build Back Fossil Free.”


As a result of the  five days of protests culminating in the siege of the Interior Department, where the protestors ridiculously demanded that President Biden declare a “climate change national emergency” to end all government projects that use fossil fuels, 78 people were arrested for crowding or obstructing traffic, with three of them being charged with assault of a police officer. The activists, who were protesting against the use of oil and gas as well as the infrastructure that carries them, also vandalized the Andrew Jackson statue outside of the White House, attempted to occupy the Interior Department (with dozens succeeding), and saw security personnel sustain multiple injuries when the climate activists clashed with police forces.

Where is the round-the-clock media coverage of this outrageous event? Why aren’t Jake Tapper, Don Lemon, Anderson Cooper, Rachel Maddow, and others stepping up to condemn the violent rioters who compelled, in the words of conservative journalist Andy Ngo, officers to draw their stun guns as “extreme environmentalist protesters” attempted to make their way inside the Department of the Interior?

The reason for the media blackout is obvious. Left-leaning news networks cannot afford to turn off their increasingly radicalized viewer base, which truly has gone all-in on the climate change hysteria. Despite the fact that President Biden’s increasingly restrictive policies against the energy industry have led to rising prices across the board that have hurt American families, most members of the mainstream media value environmental virtue signaling over common sense. This is all despite the fact that decreased American energy output truly contributes to a national security crisis that only empowers the OPEC mafia. 


But some casual observers may still ask: Do the climate change activists have any legitimate arguments to make? Honestly, the answer is a resounding no. 

Despite the government’s continued attack against energy and the media’s protection of the far-left violence against the industry, pipeline development companies have gone above and beyond to build infrastructure ethically and above reproach, so these radicals claiming damages have not truly been harmed. They are simply playing the victim card and acting perhaps on behalf of the green energy industry, which has been tarnished by scandal going back to President Obama’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

Episodes like this cannot be accepted, and the truth must be told. And if we look at the facts of the matter, that truth becomes apparent. Pipelines are the most reliable, economical, and safe form of energy transportation, and they should be celebrated, not protested. 


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