Father Chops Hands Off Man Who Raped His Baby

Image: ANI Twitter


I have said many times that I am a firm believer in the death penalty for child molesters and rapists. It’s understandable that a parent of a victim would want to be a pedophile’s judge and jury. A father in India took justice into his own hands after a 17-year-old man was accused of raping his 8-month-old daughter. The baby’s mum caught him in the act.


After the man’s court hearing, 25-year-old Parminder Singh apparently convinced the alleged sex offender that he wanted to forgive him and offer him a settlement. He gave the man a ride to Kotli Ablu, the village where they both lived. But the two never arrived. Singh had other plans for the sicko accused of raping his baby.

The baby’s father pulled over near a dried-up river canal, where he beat the alleged child molester badly, cut off both of his hands after tying him to a tree, and left the man for dead.

The local villagers called police. When they arrived, they picked up the man and his hands and headed to the hospital, where the man remains in stable condition. “There is nothing below the wrists now,” police confirmed.


There were 24,923 rape cases reported in India in 2012 with the majority of them being committed against victims under the age of 18. Many take justice into their own hands, given an often corrupt legal system there. In cases of child rape, if he is guilty, I think a man who loses only his hands is getting off easy.





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