Dave Chappelle's Netflix Special Is the PC Culture's Worst Nightmare

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Netflix has released comedian Dave Chappelle’s latest stand-up special. Throughout his nearly hour-long set, Chappelle demonstrates that he may be the most fearless celebrity in America. At one point or another, every viewer will be offended. At most points, though, viewers will not only laugh but marvel at the comedian’s ability to skewer what he calls the “cancel culture” while making a mockery of political correctness. With his latest special, Chappelle proves that he is the PC culture’s worst nightmare.


After his last stand-up special in 2017, Chappelle found himself in hot water with transgender activists and the PC culture’s thought police. So, one of the things that I was curious about was how he would respond in his latest special. Turns out, Chappelle doubled down and took a rhetorical flame thrower to the transgender hornet’s nest as well as slaughtering a whole host of the left’s sacred cows. And for that, we owe him a thank you.

Opening his defense of Kevin Hart, Chappelle told the crowd that it is “celebrity hunting season.” After pointing out that the tweet that got Hart in trouble with the LGBTQ community was obviously a joke, Chappelle transitioned to a couple of funny anecdotes about how he has found himself the object of the PC culture’s anger. In the midst of stories about himself, he tells the crowd about the unwritten rule of showbusiness that says: “No matter what you do as your artistic expression, you are never ever allowed to upset the alphabet people.”

In case it wasn’t clear who the “alphabet people” are, Chappelle explained, “You know who I mean. Those people who took 20% of the alphabet for themselves. I’d say the letters, but I don’t want to conjure their anger.” Of course, Chappelle being Chappelle, he said the letters LGBT, which propelled him into addressing the transgender community’s anger with him. After telling the audience that he has friends across the spectrum of sexuality, he proudly declared, “But the T’s hate my f*****g guts.”


At that point, Chappelle began a brilliant and funny doubling down on his “transphobia.” I won’t spoil it; you need to watch it. That being said, if you do choose to watch Chappelle’s latest special, be warned that it is profane and, at times, beyond raunchy. You will be offended, but you will laugh. And by the time he concludes his LGBTQ bit, you will marvel at his honesty and bravery, and you will be rooting for the tone of his special to spread like a virus throughout the PC culture and destroy it.

His takedown of the absurdity of the transgender movement was preceded by a brilliant bit where he told the crowd: “Tonight, I’m going to do something that I’m not particularly good at, but that I like to do. Tonight I’m going to try some impressions out.” The crowd responded with a roar of approval. He then admitted that he only had two impressions to share.

His first impression was a non-sequitur impression of this country’s founders during the writing of the U.S. Constitution. Written and delivered in a way that throws everyone off balance, including viewers at home, that first impression set the crowd up for the second impression, which knocked them off their feet. I won’t spoil the joke by repeating it here, but let me just say that any questions I had as to how Chappelle would respond to the outcry from the PC culture over his last stand-up were immediately answered. Dave Chappelle don’t play!


Chappelle spent his special stomping on leftist sacred cows, even confessing at one point, “I’m what’s known on the streets as a victim blamer.” At another point, he contorted his face into the racist stereotype of a Chinese person and did a racist impression, practically daring the thought police to come after him. Strewn throughout, Chappelle mocks the #MeToo movement, defends Louis C.K., and has an extended bit that hilariously demonstrates why the Second Amendment is important. In one of my favorite moments of the special, he sets the audience up to believe that he’s about to defend abortion only to turn it around and mock the absurdity and hypocrisy of the pro-abortion movement.

I hope the thought police do come after Dave Chappelle because they are no match for him. With his latest stand-up special, he demonstrates that if any part of the PC culture comes after him, he will use his sizeable wit and beat them down. Whether you agree with his politics or not, Chappelle is the hero our society needs who is not afraid to stand up to the PC culture.


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