Awkward: Intersectional Candidate Kamala Harris in Hot Water with Sikh Activists Over Civil Rights Record

(AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)

Kamala Harris has cast herself as the patron saint of civil rights issues among the large field of Democratic presidential hopefuls. Her planned (and dishonest) takedown of Joe Biden during the first debate has occupied quite a bit of space in the news media and on social media, much of it praise for the California senator. However, it turns out that one minority group finds Kamala Harris’ record on civil rights lacking. Sikh activist Rajdeep Singh Jolly has started an online petition calling for Harris to apologize for “defending a discriminatory policy that violated the rights of a Sikh American man during her tenure as California Attorney General in 2011.”


The petition offers this accusation of Kamala Harris:

While serving as California’s Attorney General in 2011, Kamala Harris defended a discriminatory policy that prevented an observant Sikh man from working as a state employee.  At a time when the Obama/Biden administration made historic efforts to allow observant Sikh Americans to serve in the U.S. armed forces, Senator Harris was defending a state policy that forced an American to choose between his faith and his livelihood.

So far, even after being up for a week, the petition has yet to gain much ground. As of the writing of this article, fewer than 700 people have signed the petition. A week is more than enough time for the MSM to promote the petition while unmasking Harris’ poor track record on civil rights issues. However, as we all know, the MSM will bend over backward to protect their new preferred candidate. The thing is, Jolly is correct when he writes in his petition, “Instead of lecturing other presidential candidates on civil rights, Senator Harris must apologize to the Sikh community and pledge to protect religious freedom and equal opportunity for all Americans.”


Kamala Harris has self-righteously condemned Joe Biden for merely articulating how he has been able to work with those with whom he has had disagreements in the past. And she did this while her track record as California’s attorney general includes defending an actual racist and religious discriminatory policy that prohibited a Sikh man from working as a prison guard. Her hypocrisy and support of racist policies undermine any validity she purports to have on civil rights.



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