YouTube Refuses to Pull Video That Promotes Baby Rape

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See below for an update to this story.

A music video released in 2016 from the Swedish duo Simon G & Mr. Cool titled “The Baby Dance” is increasing in popularity. At this point, it’s difficult to determine if the video’s increased popularity is because people like the song and its video or if people are watching it because they are upset over its content. You see, the song’s opening line is, “Rape the newborn baby.” At the time of this writing, the video has 344,604 views on YouTube.


The disgraceful video from Simon G & Mr. Cool can be viewed here [see update below] although I warn you, it contains lyrics and images that many — hopefully all — people will find disturbing. Watch at your own discretion.

The optimist in me is hoping that the song is intended to be satire. The realist in me, though, recognizes that sick people abound and that YouTube allows the worst of society to flaunt their perversions. Besides, if the song isn’t intended to be taken seriously, it lacks any real satirical light exposing a blind spot in society. Unlike, say, Jonathan Swift’s A Modest Proposal, “The Baby Dance” appears to be shocking for the sake of shocking — at best.

At worst, the song is the accurate reflection of the duo’s violently perverse desires. According to Intellectual Takeout, when the duo was asked about the song, they replied: “We did the song because we want more people to dare to expose children to sexual abuse. If we were to get a single person to use a child sexually who wouldn’t have dared, it’s worth all the time and work we’ve put down. The money and the fame are a bonus.”

YouTube, known for censoring gun owners, conservatives, and Christians, is stubbornly refusing to take the video down (of course).

Now, for the record, I believe that YouTube has the legal right to run their business as they see fit. For example, if YouTube wants to censor every video that claims that raping babies is wrong, that’s their business. Likewise, if YouTube wants to allow every video that promotes raping babies, that’s their business, too. An immoral business, but their business, nonetheless.


On the flip side, as a consumer, if I find their business decisions incompatible with my ethics, then I have the right to stop availing myself of their service. The problem being, of course, that as a consumer I have very few options for a similar service that provides me with the same access to content. We made our bed with giant social media companies run by liberals, and unless we want the federal government to start running roughshod over the First Amendment and forcing private companies to comply with their wishes, well, this is the unfortunate bed that we may have to lie in for a while.

However, that quandary facing consumers who want to act ethically is another story for another day. At the present time, it’s incumbent upon conservatives and Christians to expose the unethical actions of companies like YouTube. Maybe, just maybe, the market will be able to do what we do not want the federal government to do — force YouTube, and their heathen cousin companies like Facebook and Twitter, to adhere to ethics that won’t torpedo our society.

Even if “The Baby Dance” turns out to be a sick joke, it’s revealing that YouTube is willing to host content that jokes about raping babies. Well, not so much revealing as simply further confirmation that YouTube is a depraved cesspool hell-bent on undermining society and dragging people to hell with them. Hopefully, this controversy will be a wakeup call for conservatives and Christians who still do not understand that YouTube is on the side of evil (as well as Facebook and Twitter). I’m not a fan of organized boycotts, but there may come a point when we will need to consider boycotting YouTube.


Update 7:04 p.m. EST: YouTube has finally removed the video from its platform, perhaps as a result of the publicity the video has received.


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