A Man Named 'Tiffany' Is Dominating Women's Pro Volleyball in Brazil

Volleyball player Tiffany Abreu, right, celebrates with teammates during a national volleyball league match in Bauru, Brazil. (AP Photo/Andre Penner)

Popular blogger and YouTube personality Joffre the Giant recently brought to my attention an example of how transgenderism continues to make a mockery of women’s sports. This time, the charade is playing out in Joffre’s native country of Brazil. A man named “Tiffany” Abreu is currently dominating and setting records in women’s pro-volleyball in the South American country.


In a YouTube video, Joffre the Giant entertainingly and thoughtfully details the mess currently embroiling Brazilian women’s volleyball. According to the video, “Tiffany” spent years playing at the lowest levels of men’s club volleyball, eventually landing on a tier three club team, the lowest level, in Belgium. And by “playing,” as Joffre points out, “Tiffany” was achieving mediocrity. Take note: that’s mediocrity at the lowest level in the men’s leagues.

Joffre rightfully claims that “the acceptance of trans athletes into women’s sports signals the death knell of women’s sports… All we have now are human sports.” Of course, as he notes, the current phenomenon of trans athletes is only going one way. “No born women are becoming men and then excelling in men’s sports. But the opposite is happening. So we’re just going to end up with volleyball, and no natural women playing. We’re just going to end up with basketball, sprinting, whatever, and no natural women competing.”

Women cannot physically compete against men.

For example, in only his fourth match as a professional women’s volleyball player, “Tiffany” set a record for points. What’s more, according to Joffre, it only took three matches for Tiffany “to become the leading scorer by average.” In his fourth match, “Tiffany plays in a five-set match against the best team in the league, scores 39 points. Breaking the record.”


As Joffre says, “when people born as men compete against women, mediocrity becomes greatness.”

Beyond just stealing opportunities from women, these men who are claiming to be women will be erasing real women from the record books. Eventually, at some point in the future, women are going to bemoan the fact that very few (if any) women are enshrined in the record books of sports. The people to blame for the suppression of female athletes are those who refer to themselves as feminists.

No matter how much trans activists want to try to deny this truth, it’s a fact of biology that men are physically stronger than women. Men and women are different. Attempts to deceitfully disconnect gender from the body will lead to absurdities like what we’re seeing happening in women’s pro-volleyball in Brazil. Men will deny women opportunities. How feminists can’t (or simply refuse) to see the irony in all this is baffling.


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