Alec Baldwin Quits Twitter (Again)

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Alec Baldwin just spent four years playing Donald Trump on SNL, which also means he spent four years whining about playing Donald Trump on SNL. What a burden it was to be him! It was obvious in 2016 that Baldwin was stunt casting, and Lorne Michaels never dreamed Trump would actually win. And so the SNL audience was treated to one of the worst impressions ever shown on national TV, by one of the few actors in the history of the show who’s actually a bigger A-hole than the guy he’s impersonating.


And somehow, Baldwin got through most of the first Trump administration without having to delete his Twitter account. He’s deleted it several times before, most recently in 2017, but he always comes back.

Not this time, though! He’s gone for good, and no amount of begging will get him to come back. And would you believe he was chased off by… Gillian Anderson fans?

Emily Kirkpatrick, Vanity Fair:

Alec Baldwin has once again deleted his Twitter account. The departure wasn’t prompted by further outrage over questions surrounding his wife’s claimed Spanish heritage, the sixth child they welcomed six months after their fifth, or an outburst similar to the one that led him to tell an Instagram commenter to “shut the fuck up and mind your own business.” Instead, it was a tweet about Gillian Anderson that ultimately pushed the actor to deactivate.

Baldwin logged on to his Instagram account on Wednesday to share a 9-minute video explaining that he was quitting the website after receiving backlash for a tweet in which he shared a CNN story titled “Gillian Anderson’s American Accent Throws Some People Off,” about how surprised fans were to learn The Crown star is, in fact, American not British during the Golden Globes. Baldwin commented on the story, “Switching accents? That sounds…fascinating,” seemingly implying some correlation between the accent Anderson put on for a TV show and the one his wife has been accused of faking throughout her career.


Yeah, remember that? A few months ago people started noticing that “Hilaria” Baldwin has a rather inconsistent Spanish accent, and it turns out she’s not really Spanish at all. So that gave this rageball another excuse to blow his stack.

Of course, Gillian Anderson putting on an accent for a TV role isn’t the same thing as “Hilaria” Baldwin putting on an accent to try to be more interesting than she really is. But c’mon, it’s the guy’s wife. Of course he’s going to stand up for her after she humiliated him in front of the whole world.

Although in “Hilaria’s” defense, it’s not fair to criticize a woman for deciding she’s actually Spanish and then applaud another woman for deciding she’s actually a man. (Sorry, Elliot Page!) If you can base your gender on what you feel like it should be, why can’t you base your heritage on what you feel like it should be?

Just kidding. The rules don’t have to make sense. In fact, the less sense they make, the better. Leftism is all about keeping you off-guard. Anything you say can be used against you in the court of public opinion, and random punishment keeps everybody in a state of fear. That’s the whole point.

Anyway, here’s Alec Baldwin whining about people being mean to him online:



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Hey, at least he hasn’t punched anybody! Yet.

This is one of those Too Online stories that makes me grateful for these new COVID vaccines, because it’s proof that everybody’s been cooped up way too long. I mean, I just wrote an entire blog post about a famously mercurial actor quitting a social media platform (again) because he said something even dumber than usual (again). And you just read it all the way to the end.

Go outside already!

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