Alamo Drafthouse Still Requires Masks and Wants You to Know About It

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Here’s a fun thing that liberals do literally every day: They call you a fascist if you want the government to leave you alone. They say you’re a Nazi if you insist you can run your own life without some bureaucrat telling you what to do. If you think a problem, old or new, can be solved with anything short of a federal agent pointing a gun at your head, you’re the worst person in the world and you need to be #canceled. Libs always get it exactly backwards, and then they congratulate themselves for being so smart.


That’s why our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters are falling all over each other to applaud the Alamo Drafthouse theater chain for bravely requiring masks, after Texas Governor Greg Abbott just lifted the state’s mask mandate:

Alamo Drafthouse’s mandatory mask policy remains in place, as well as our 6′ social distancing protocols and all the other safety measures we’ve had in place across the country since last year.

We are only following the guidance of the CDC and medical experts, not politicians. Right now, at what we hope is the beginning of the end of COVID, the health of our teams and our guests remains this company’s top priority.

Putting aside the implication that the CDC somehow isn’t political, this is exactly how it should work. Unless Gov. Abbott is forcing private businesses to let in people without masks, what’s the problem? He’s not sending in Texas Rangers to tear the masks off the faces of moviegoers. A theater chain named after the Alamo isn’t bravely repelling an invasion. Just the opposite.

Fun fact: You can do things you believe are going to protect you, without the government forcing you to do those things!


I’m firmly in the Better Safe Than Sorry camp, myself. If a business requires masks, fine. Plus, I don’t want to go viral when somebody sticks a cellphone in my face at the grocery store and demands to know where my mask is. But if you don’t want to wear one, the government shouldn’t force you. I’d appreciate it if you’d stay away from me, but I wanted that even before COVID.

And there’s another side to that coin: If you don’t want to frequent a business that requires you to wear a mask… don’t! Take your business somewhere else. Capitalism is great that way.

In other Alamo Drafthouse news, the chain just filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Movie theaters have been hit hard by the pandemic, so if they want to mandate masks to make people feel like it’s safe to come back, I can’t blame ’em. And if you refuse to go to Alamo Drafthouse because of it, that’s fine too. All of this is how America is supposed to work.

Get it right: Alamo Drafthouse isn’t doing this despite Greg Abbott lifting the state’s mask mandate. Alamo Drafthouse is doing this independently of any state mask mandate. It’s not some brave act of defiance. Refusing to lay down a government mandate is the opposite of tyranny, and private businesses can make their own rules. If you don’t like that, you don’t like America.


The same goes for vaccines. I think it’s a good idea to get vaccinated, so we can all get back to normal or something close to it. If you disagree because you think Bill Gates is going to track you, or vaccines cause autism, or any other lunacy you believe, the government shouldn’t force you to get vaccinated. But again: Please stay the hell away from me.

Actually, stay away from me regardless. Mask or no mask, vaccine or no vaccine. I’ve really had enough of you people.

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