Stephen Colbert Finally Turns Against Andrew Cuomo

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The mainstream media coverage of Andrew Cuomo over the past year has been almost entirely infuriating, unless you don’t know any better because your only source of news is CNN or the New York Times. It took almost a year for our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters to finally catch up with the rest of us, and now they want a medal or something for telling the truth about Cuomo. We’ve known all along that his handling of the coronavirus was criminally negligent at best, and in May, the Daily Caller broke the story that New York knowingly undercounted nursing home deaths to avoid scrutiny.


Despite Cuomo’s blatant ineptitude and corruption, if you turned on late-night TV last spring, you saw nauseating garbage like this:

“What New York deserves. What the world deserves. But it’s, he seems like a very, like, he’s a real New York governor.”

Colbert was right about that, but not for the reasons he thought. It took a “real New York governor” to condemn thousands of senior citizens to death, and it took a “real New York governor” to sexually harass four women that we know about so far.

Colbert even interviewed Cuomo himself, if you can really call it an interview and not a sexual favor:

If those Colbert interviews seem like relics of a bygone age, that’s because they are. As satire site the Babylon Bee put it: “‘We Don’t Like Cuomo Now,’ Says Every Late-Night Host In Perfect Robotic Unison.” Which is a joke, but it’s not far from the truth.

Kristine March, Newsbusters:


Late night liberal “comedians” are finally jumping on the bandwagon to criticize formerly beloved New York governor, Andrew Cuomo. Taking the media’s lead, Late Show host Stephen Colbert suddenly found the scandal-embroiled Democrat was an easy target, after several women came forward alleging sexual harassment from the governor.

On his Monday night show, Colbert spent roughly three minutes mocking Cuomo as an “old man” pervert for his alleged creepy comments and behavior towards young women. This after, he spent 2020 grossly promoting the Democrat’s leadership and sex appeal.

My first reaction was: That is entirely inappropriate. My second reaction was: Really? Strip poker on a plane? How limber is he?…

Bennett believes the governor was grooming her by trying to get close, remembering that at one point they bonded over the fact that she had played middle-school soccer against one of his daughters. I hope he’s not one of those nightmare sports dads who’s always yelling, “Hey, ref! How old is that one?”

Professional comedy. I’ll give you a moment to pull your split sides back together.


Anyway, Colbert isn’t the only staunch liberal who’s suddenly turning on the onetime “Luv Guv.” Look who else is suddenly back in #MeToo mode, after she took some time off to elect accused sexual predator Joe Biden:

That’s quite a subtweet! Sure, Alyssa Milano is a pathetic hypocrite just like the rest of them, but the fact that she stood by Biden when Tara Reade accused him of sexual assault should make Cuomo even more nervous that she isn’t backing him.

Poor Andy. All throughout 2020, he was the anti-Trump. He was the one who would save us all from Bad Orange Man. But Trump is gone (for now), so libs don’t need to keep pretending Cuomo is somehow better. And out he goes with all the other trash.

Cuomo isn’t giving up his grip on the governorship without a fight, but all that glowing media coverage he’s grown accustomed to is a thing of the past. Colbert giveth and Colbert taketh away.

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