CNN Refuses to Run Ad Criticizing Biden

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You may not have even noticed it if you ever watch the Cable News Network (CNN), but over the last four years there has been a subtle, nigh-imperceptible shift in attitude toward President Donald John Trump (R). Back in 2016, CNN cheered Trump’s campaign. They gave him countless hours of free airtime and were absolutely delighted when the GOP nominated him. They couldn’t believe their luck! But then Trump… y’know… won. So now they don’t seem to like him quite as much. If you watch carefully and read between the lines, it’s almost as if they’re insanely desperate to get him out of the White House. Sure, reporters don’t root for a side, as CNN’s Chris Cillizza so famously said. But the clues are there if you know where to look.


And sometimes, the clue is what you don’t see on CNN. The dog that didn’t bark in the night-time, as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle put it. Sometimes, the absence of something is significant.

Jonathan Easley, The Hill:

CNN has informed the largest outside group supporting President Trump’s reelection that it will not run one of its new ads, saying the ad is false because it warns Democratic nominee Joe Biden will raise taxes on the middle class and implies that Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) supports socialist policies.

The ad, from America First Action (AFA), says Biden “sided with socialists,” while showing pictures of Pelosi and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.)…

But in an email, an account executive at Warner Media said the clearance team rejected it.

“WarnerMedia Commercial Clearance has not accepted America First Action’s advertisement ‘We Are America’ for its networks as the ad does not meet its commercial clearance standards,” the email states. “Specifically, the ad asserts that Biden will raise taxes on the middle class. That claim is not adequately substantiated and has been judged false by independent fact-checkers. The advertisement also mischaracterizes Nancy Pelosi as a socialist.”

So… their fact-checkers said a prediction is false? How does that work? How do you fact-check something that hasn’t happened yet? You can say a prediction is more likely or less likely to come true, but you can’t fact-check it because it’s not a fact that can be checked.

Well, whatever. If they don’t want to take AFA’s money and they can’t come up with a plausible excuse, that’s their business. Literally.


In case you’re curious what they’re so worried about, here’s the ad CNN viewers won’t see:

I dunno, man, it looks like an ordinary, average political ad to me. An angry narrator snarls about how the other guy sucks. Some ominous music plays in the background. Throw in some pictures of the other guy looking crazy and dumb. We’ve all seen it a million times. But suddenly it’s unacceptable, because CNN hates Trump. And because they realize Biden’s brain is melting into a puddle of tapioca and he really needs their help to win.

Is anything in that ad true? I don’t know. How many political ads are true? How many people watch CNN long enough to sit through any ads, and how many of them would change their vote because of this one? Does any of this crap matter at this point? Is anybody really still undecided?

Our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters in the press obviously think so, or they wouldn’t keep laboring so mightily to drag Joe’s limp carcass across the finish line.

And this is just the latest example. They’ve been doing everything they can to bury the story of Hunter Biden’s business dealings and his father’s involvement, despite a growing pile of evidence and on-the-record witnesses. That’s not a story because they want Joe Biden to win the election.

This is the most hard-hitting Biden story you’re likely to see before next Tuesday:


These clowns blame themselves for reporting the truth about Hillary Clinton in 2016, and they won’t make that mistake again. They will not let their viewers learn any facts that might make anybody vote for Trump.

If the media’s Weekend at Biden’s strategy works and they’re able to install Joe’s near-lifeless husk in the Oval Office, look on the bright side: At least they’ll stop screaming and crying for a little while. It’s been four long years and they could use a nap.


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