Shaun King Doxes Kenosha Cops

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So there was more rioting last night. It’s been three months since George Floyd was killed by a multiracial group of cops in entirely Democrat-led Minneapolis, Minnesota, and in that time the best solution our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters on the left can find is to destroy property and beat people up. If they’re not actively rioting, they’re either condoning it or ignoring it. And that goes all the way up to the dementia-stricken leader of their useless political party, who went a full week during the Democratic National Convention without saying a word about the chaos and destruction breaking out in one American city after another.


We just saw the third night of rioting in Kenosha, Wisc., of all places. (When was the last time you thought about Kenosha? When was the first time?) So now professional race-baiter and honorary African-American Shaun King — AKA Talcum X, AKA MiLK, AKA Hueless P. Newton, AKA Alabaster Sharpton — is doing that thing he does where he accuses innocent people of crimes and makes money from it.

(Twitter screenshot @shaunking)

You can read the thread if you want to see which cops he’s doxing.

Lee Brown, NY Post:

Accused fraudster Shaun King is threatening to name innocent cops as Jacob Blake’s shooter if the Kenosha Police Department doesn’t release the identity of the officer who did…

The Brooklyn-based King later named an officer whose name has circulated — with no proof — saying he was “in protective custody in a hotel because people thought he shot Jacob Blake.” He then named a second officer, again with no proof it was the officer who shot Blake in the back as he got into his car after brawling with officers…

King — who found notoriety for numerous outlandish claims in support of the Black Lives Matter movement — has repeatedly praised rioters as well as calling to fully defund the police.

You see, it’s only vigilante justice when it’s right-wingers making the threats. Shaun King is protected by Twitter’s Jack Dorsey and the rest of the wokeocracy, so he can dox anyone he wants.


By the way, King introduced Bernie Sanders when he announced his 2020 campaign, and Sanders wrote the foreword to King’s latest book. Just a fun fact.

And what happens when you demonize the police? What happens when people try to take the law into their own hands?

You can tweet #DefundThePolice all day long. If you get your way, you need to prepare yourself for more of this. When you don’t enforce the law, you get lawlessness.

Note that we only know what’s happening on the ground in Kenosha because outlets like the Daily Caller and Townhall have sent reporters there. NYT, WaPo, CNN, MSNBC, they haven’t sent anybody. Not that they’re capable of reporting on it accurately. In Minneapolis, they just bluntly lied to their viewers:


And now Don Lemon is panicking about the rioting. Not because it’s wrong and people are suffering, but because it’s bad for his preferred political party:

And Fredo… well, who knows what’s going on in Fredo’s mind, if anything. He’s never really been clear on “the right of the people peaceably to assemble”:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: You can’t steer a riot. Working people up into a frenzy is easy, but controlling them is impossible. Ignoring or condoning this madness because you agree with the rioters’ ostensible goals is a mistake, and the Democrats had better hope it doesn’t bite them in the ass on November 4. They coddled these lunatics even though it’s morally and ethically wrong, and soon they’re going to find out how much the voters like it.


And on behalf of Caucasians around the world: Sorry about Shaun King. He may be one of ours, but we’re not happy about it either.


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