De Blasio to Replace NYC Schools with 'Public Childcare Program'

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COVID-19 The Chinese virus has broken everybody’s brains. If you were sane four months ago, you are now crazy. And if you were crazy four months ago, for some reason you’re still the mayor of New York City.


Warren Wilhelm Jr., AKA Bill de Blasio, is quite possibly the dumbest mayor in the history of NYC, if not the dumbest human being who has ever lived. I don’t want to say he’s completely over his head with this virus, because that doesn’t even begin to describe how inept his response has been. Just take a look at this, which is an actual piece of reporting from NY1:

Kathleen Culliton, NY1:

New York City will provide childcare to 100,000 New York City kids this fall as the Department of Education, in an attempt to protect students from novel coronavirus, offers in-school learning just two or three days a week…

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Thursday a public childcare program that will see kids supervised in public and private locations across the five boroughs.

“So many parents have said we can’t make it work if we don’t have more childcare,” de Blasio said…


The city has two months to organize the effort which will include staffing, purchasing personal protective equipment, developing learning labs in partnerships with libraries and cultural institutions, and organizing field trips when possible, said Budget Director Melanie Hartzog said.


Okay, here’s a question: If sending your kid to school is too dangerous right now because it’s a public place where a bunch of people are all gathered together and the virus can spread, then… why isn’t a community center or a library full of people also dangerous? Is the virus going to stay out of the building because there’s no “SCHOOL” sign out front? Are you just going to call the place a “virus-free zone” and hope the deadly microbe gets the message?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: The virus doesn’t care why you’re spreading it.

At this point, we don’t even know if the virus affects kids the same way it affects adults, or if kids can spread it to adults. I can understand a “better safe than sorry” approach. I don’t understand why you would close down all the schools to stop a virus from spreading, and then set up an alternate system for putting a bunch of kids all in the same place. I don’t know what the solution is, or if there even is a solution. But this sure ain’t it.


For months we’ve had huge public demonstrations all over the country, and now our leaders expect law-abiding citizens to forget any of it ever happened. Kids can run around town smashing windows and tearing down statues, but it’s too dangerous to send them back to school? It’s insane.

Any dangers these kids face aren’t going to go away because you change the name of the public program they’re in. You’re not making things any easier for the parents with a “childcare system” rather than a school. You’re just kicking the can down the road.

Either open up the schools or don’t. Either way, just stop lying to us.

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