Obama Expresses Strange New Respect for George W. Bush

Charles Dharapak

As we’re seeing all over the country, the left is rewriting history on the fly to rationalize the behavior of the angry mobs rioting and looting and destroying stuff. Now the big craze is tearing down statues in public places. Not just Confederate statues, either. Pretty much any metal object that looks like a life-sized human being is fair game. If a figure from American history was important enough to be immortalized in bronze, the left will find some reason to justify vandalizing it or even tearing it down.


But the people toppling these statues are amateurs. It doesn’t take any skill to destroy a historical artifact from centuries or even decades ago. The real challenge is rewriting history you lived through yourself!

And so it is with Barack Obama’s #strangenewrespect for George W. Bush. Here he is expressing it during a “virtual grassroots fundraiser” for his former vice president, who also happens to be the presidential candidate he can no longer avoid endorsing:

“My predecessor, who I disagreed with on a whole host of issues, uh… still had a basic regard for… the rule of law and the importance of… our institutions of democracy, uh… on the world stage. There was still a sense that America needed to lead, and that that leadership, uh… meant that as imperfect as we might be, uh, there were certain ideals and values that we were gonna aspire to and advance, and that we cared about human rights, and we cared about, uh… battling against, uh… the oppression of peoples in distant lands.

And that we tried to uphold, uh, both in our own country but around the world certain core principles around, uh… rule of law and, uh… the universal dignity of people, uh… and the need for us to, uh, provide assistance to, uh, those who are suffering either from natural catastrophes or because of underdevelopment. Uh, a sense that our alliances were important, uh, and that we should stand up for, uh, democracy and human rights.

And, and so as, as challenging as those times were, and as much of a slog as it was to, uh… yank the economy out of the economic crisis that was, that it was in, and in some ways things were tougher, uh… in terms of financial system than they are today. But there was still a sense of, of… of a shared American idea that we could build on. Uh, and… what we have seen over the last couple of years is, uh, a White House enabled… by, uh… Republicans in Congress and a media structure that supports them. Uh… that has… not just differed in terms of policy, but has gone at the very foundations of who… we are and who we should be. Uh… that suggests facts don’t matter. Science doesn’t matter.”


If you couldn’t sit through that whole thing, in summary: Trump makes Obama miss George W. Bush.

Can you believe this guy was ever lauded for his ability to speak publicly? Poor Joe. Just for fun, watch that again, but focus on Biden’s face as he pretends to listen to Obama’s interminable babbling. He looks like a dog patiently waiting to hear his own name.

Anyway. Obama giving George Bush even the faintest of praise, or at least a smidgen less vitriol than he spews at current Republicans, should be amusing to anybody who lived through the Obama administration without falling under his alleged charms. All this guy did for eight long years was blame Bush whenever something went wrong. The economy sucks? Bush did it. Terrorists are killing Americans? It was Bush’s fault. Obama stubbed his toe? Thanks, George W. Bush!

And after another presidential administration or two, all the libs currently screaming at Donald Trump will look back on him differently too. “Remember Trump? Don’t get me wrong, I hated his guts, but at least he wasn’t as bad as this clown!”

This is why, even as someone who stays in the station whenever the Trump Train goes by, I can’t take these guys seriously either. Obama has lied every time I’ve heard him open his mouth, and now he’s lying about how he treated George W. Bush. And Biden seems grateful for a quick nap while Obama drones on and on.

If you’ll excuse my language: What a couple of jerks!


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