NYC First Lady Chirlane McCray on Abolishing Police: 'That Would Be Like a Nirvana'

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If you want to know whether it’s a good idea to get rid of the police, all you need to do is turn on the news for the last few weeks. Cops abandoned the Third Precinct station in Minneapolis, and rioters burned it down. The police just pulled out of an entire six-block area in Seattle, which is now controlled by rioters and warlords (while corrupt “journalists” like Brian Stelter ignore it and claim all the rioting is over). If the Democrats had their way, D.C. would still be in flames. The only reason the rioting in our nation’s capitol subsided is because the cops and military cracked down. This is some third-world $#!+, right here on American soil.

Guess who loves it?

Yaron Steinbuch, NY Post:

New York City First Lady Chirlane McCray – whom Mayor Bill de Blasio has credited for his executive decision to jump on the “defund the police” bandwagon – said no cops patrolling the streets would be a “nirvana,” according to a report.

“That would be like a nirvana, a utopia that we are nowhere close to getting to,” McCray told Time magazine on Tuesday…

McCray’s comments during a TIME100 Talks discussion came days after Minneapolis lawmakers pledged to dismantle the city’s beleaguered police force in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death while in custody.

A no-cop nirvana, huh? Well, we’re getting a preview:

Incidentally, McCray claims she didn’t even know her own daughter was out there rioting until she got arrested. McCray is NYC’s First Lady and Mother of the Year!

If you’re running a major American city, this seems like a great way to obliterate your tax base. The last three months of coronavirus lockdown — remember that? — have shown a lot of people that they can make a living without needing to go into an office. Many urbanites have gotten used to working from home. Now their own leaders are seriously talking about leaving citizens to their own devices against violent criminals. The same leaders who want to get rid of all the guns!

If you live in New York or Minneapolis or Seattle or any other riot-ravaged city right now… why? What’s keeping you there? Civic pride? If your own city won’t defend itself against the lunatics burning it down, why should you stick around? If you can work from anywhere, why not move to a place where you’re less likely to get beaten up and robbed, and much less likely to then be scolded for your “privilege”?

So says Minneapolis City Council President Lisa Bender:

Just because you didn’t do anything wrong, that doesn’t mean you should complain about being a victim of crime. Instead, you should feel guilty about crimes you didn’t commit. And money from every single paycheck you earn should go to the leaders reprimanding you for the color of your skin.

Meanwhile, the press is still obsessed with Trump awkwardly holding up a Bible in front of a church that rioters had tried to burn down the night before. I agree that it was a stupid stunt, and it’s not what I would’ve done if I were in charge. Also, I don’t care because RIOTERS TRIED TO BURN DOWN THE WHITE HOUSE CHURCH THE NIGHT BEFORE. The exact same area doesn’t magically become a “peaceful protest” literally overnight. Whoever tries to sell you that one is a liar.

Disperse rioters and they stop rioting. Leave them to it and they’ll start taking over your city. If that’s where you want to live, you’re welcome to it. The rest of us will watch your neighborhoods fall while your leaders abandon you.

That’s life in the big city.

By the way, if you ban the police… who’s gonna enforce it?


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