George Stephanopoulos Helps Katie Hill Declare Victimhood After 'Throuple' Scandal

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Let’s say you’re a Democrat politician who got caught red-handed taking a few liberties with your staffers, and now it’s time for some serious damage control or you’ll be forced to go find a real job. Who do you call for help? Who has the experience, know-how, and connections to help you rehabilitate your image? Who can transform you from an abuser into a victim?


George Stephanopoulos, that’s who! His time in the Clinton White House taught him all about that. And now he’s lending his Dem-saving expertise to former California Representative Katie Hill, who was forced to resign last year for violating the Me Too Congress Act by getting the wrong kind of assistance from her aides. As I noted last October:

In a way, Katie Hill has shattered the glass ceiling in Washington. The first member of Congress to be ousted under the new #MeToo rules is a woman. Not only that, but she’s a member of the LGBTQ community. No longer are privileged straight white males the only ones who are held accountable for their sexual misdeeds. We’ve moved past the dark days when men were the only ones to exploit power dynamics to have sex with their subordinates. This is a shining moment for the principles of representation and diversity, and the proponents of #MeToo are all proud of their work.

Just kidding! They’re super-bummed about the end of Hill’s brief political career.

David Rutz at the Washington Free Beacon did a great supercut of all the “journalists” mourning the loss of such a rising Dem star:

Remember when using your power to abuse women was a bad thing?

And now we can add Lil’ George to the list of media hacks who care more about power than anything else. This morning on GMA, Stephanopoulos lobbed softball after softball at Katie Hill and let her swing for the fences:


From the tone of his voice, you’d think he was interviewing an actual victim. Here’s how he’s promoting the interview:

The only thing Katie Hill is “fighting back” against is the consequence of her own behavior. And notice how Nancy Pelosi gets none of the blame. If Pelosi had wanted Hill to stay, she would’ve stayed.

Can you imagine a male and/or a Republican getting this sort of gentle, deferential treatment after resigning over a sex scandal? Would the disgraced politician ever be given an opportunity to set the terms of the debate like this? Hell, the only thing Larry Craig did was tap his foot in an airport restroom stall, and he’s done forever. No network news anchors were interested in his sob story. Nobody wanted to help him claim victimhood. Nobody asked him if he regretted resigning, or blamed homophobia or any other phobia, or praised his “resilience.” They were just glad to claim another scalp.


Never let it be said that Democrats don’t have standards. They’ve got two whole sets, one for themselves and another for everybody else.

Until recently, two of the three network morning news shows were anchored by sexual abusers. Matt Lauer and Charlie Rose are both gone. And now here we have the sole survivor, George Stephanopoulos, doing his dead-level best to help yet another abuser. And come to think of it, ABC News still hasn’t explained why they stopped Amy Robach from reporting on Jeffrey Epstein years ago.

These creeps sure do stick together, don’t they?


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