[VIDEO] Andrew Yang Sprays Whipped Cream into Supporters' Mouths Because Why Not

Democratic presidential candidate former technology executive Andrew Yang walks onto the stage before a Democratic presidential primary debate, Wednesday, Nov. 20, 2019, in Atlanta. (AP Photo/John Bazemore)

Now that Officer Kamala has dropped out of the 2020 presidential race,* it’s becoming more obvious than ever that the Democrats are a bunch of racists. All of the top five Dem candidates are white, if you don’t count Elizabeth Warren’s 1/1024th non-Caucasian ancestry. And even the Dems have stopped counting it. The Democratic field is whiter than a polar bear chugging 10 gallons of whole milk in a blizzard. You’ll find more racial diversity at a Klan meeting. Sure, the Dems will insist that some of their best presidents are black, but that’s what racists always say.


Which means this is now Andrew Yang’s time to shine. He’s polling better than Cory Booker and Tulsi Gabbard, so right now he’s the non-white candidate with the best chance of making the Democratic Party diverse or whatever. This is Yang’s moment.

What is he doing with it?

Oh. Um. Well, look, man, it gets lonely on the campaign trail…

I don’t know what that’s all about, but I guess it’s harmless enough. Spraying whipped cream into your eager supporters’ mouths while proclaiming yourself a “full-service presidential candidate” isn’t something that most politicians would do, but Yang isn’t most politicians. His ideas are dumb, but he seems like a pretty fun guy to party with. It all looks consensual.

And thumbs down to the staffer trying to stop the fun. Nobody likes a Yang-blocker!

Besides, shooting cream into the mouths of eager, kneeling acolytes is nothing new for the Dems. All these years later, they still love Bill Clinton.


*Which is my fault, because I cursed Kamala by repeatedly saying she was my favorite Dem. Not because of her policies, which are bad, or her personality, which is worse. I just wanted Trump to call her “Brown Sugar” in a debate and then watch his polls jump 10 points.


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