BREAKING: Prince Andrew Had Public Duties, Is Stepping Down from Them

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Finally, someone is paying some sort of price for Jeffrey Epstein’s crimes. (Well, besides Jeffrey Epstein, of course. Unless you believe he killed himself? Okay, rube.) Last week Britain’s Prince Andrew gave a disastrous interview about his ties to Epstein, and it sounds like Andy’s mum gave him a proper talking to. He’s been naughty, and she just sent him to his room.


BBC News:

The Duke of York says he is stepping back from royal duties because the Jeffrey Epstein scandal has become a “major disruption” to the Royal Family.

Prince Andrew, 59, said he had asked the Queen for permission to withdraw for the “foreseeable future”…

He said he deeply sympathised with sex offender Epstein’s victims and everyone who “wants some form of closure”.

And what are Andrew’s “royal duties”? According to his official bio:

The Duke of York is a full-time working member of the Royal Family, and is eighth in line to the throne. HRH carries out official engagements in support of Her Majesty The Queen, and works to promote economic growth and skilled job creation in the United Kingdom.

That sounds really important. It’s good work, if you can be born into it.

I suppose it’s possible that this guy didn’t do anything wrong. My bias is that if you grew up in unimaginable luxury and privilege without doing anything to earn it, and you’ve always been protected from the consequences of your behavior, you’re probably a scumbag of some sort. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s so. Maybe Andrew is telling the truth, and now he’s going into hiding so he’s not a “distraction.”


Yeah. That must be it!

Still no word on who spiked the Jeffrey Epstein story at ABC News, as Amy Robach claimed:

And still no word on the identity of the whistleblower who leaked that footage. If ABC News had their way, Prince Andrew wouldn’t be in trouble now. Who else are they protecting? What else are they hiding? How long do they think they can keep a lid on this?


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