Obama Endorses Justin Trudeau

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in blackface. Source: Twitter.

Some people say that libs have one set of rules for their friends and another set of rules for their enemies. This is based on nothing except every piece of evidence I’ve ever seen in my entire life. And so it is with liberal demigod Justin Trudeau. Last month somebody dug up a bunch of pictures and video of Trudeau clowning around in blackface — or, as euphemized by a sympathetic press, “brownface” or “face-darkening makeup” — and it hasn’t destroyed his political career because he’s not a conservative. On the contrary, he just got an endorsement from the second-most famous black person in the world.


See? Trudeau can’t be a racist. Some of his best friends are black!

If you’re trying to remember an American president ever endorsing a Canadian politician before, so are Canadians:

Well, it isn’t meddling in foreign elections when the good guys do it. Right?

This isn’t the first time Obama has supported a white politician who loves to wear blackface:

And now, the jokes begin:


All kidding aside, this just proves that libs don’t really care about racism. They just use it as a weapon to silence people they don’t like. You can be as racist as you please, and they’ll let it slide if you promise to use your political power to give them what they want.


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