VIDEO: Who's Less Professional, Seb Gorka or Brian Karem?

Libs are always crying about deceptively edited video, but they sure do love it when it makes one of their enemies look bad.

As Nicholas Ballasy reports, yesterday Sebastian Gorka got into a shouting match with a reporter named Brian Karem at the White House. Here’s some of the footage:


Now, when I first saw this, it looked to me like Gorka was the aggressor. It looked like he flew off the handle for no reason. I had to grudgingly admit that Jim Acosta had a point:

But then this morning I saw this clip, which includes the taunt that set Gorka off:

“Come over here and talk to me, brother. We can go outside and have a long conversation!”

Okay, that doesn’t look or sound to me like Karem wanted to have a nice chat. Especially after he just accused the other attendees of being “eager for demonic possession,” whatever that means. He was literally telling Gorka to step outside. Which is dumb because they were already outside. Gorka interpreted it as a threat, and now that I’ve seen and heard the way Karem said it, I agree. Karem was taunting him like they were in a bar or at a ball game. It was not friendly or civil or appropriate for the occasion.


As hostile and blustery as Gorka is — I’m not a fan, sorry if that makes me a cuck or whatever — he wasn’t in the wrong here. Karem owes him an apology. But Karem works for Playboy and CNN, so I don’t expect him to suffer any repercussions for his unprofessional behavior. I’m sure they think it’s great.

Try to imagine if a reporter did this during the Obama years. Back in 2012, my old Daily Caller colleague Neil Munro was raked over the coals just for asking Obama a question when he wasn’t supposed to. They all said he was “heckling.” It was a “surprising breach of etiquette.” A huge scandal. There were even calls to fire him. Now a White House reporter can literally say “Meet me outside, pal” in the Rose Garden and it’s fine. Hell, he could’ve milkshaked Gorka and punched him in the head, and it’d be okay because they think Gorka is a “Nazi.”

Do better, journos. Try to act like grownups, even if your feelings get hurt.


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