VIDEO: Trump Kisses Staffer Alva Johnson on the Cheek

Earlier this year, a former Trump staffer named Alva Johnson sued her ex-boss for kissing her without her consent during the 2016 campaign, calling it “super-creepy and inappropriate.” It made a few headlines, Johnson was interviewed by the unbiased and nonpartisan Chris Hayes, and then the story went away.


But now, for the handful of people who actually remember the accusation, there’s video evidence of the supposedly shocking crime.

Josh Gerstein, Politico:

Lawyers for President Donald Trump say video of his interactions with campaign staffer Alva Johnson before a Tampa rally in 2016 contradicts her claims he subjected her to an unwanted, forcible kiss.

Trump’s attorneys posted the 15-second video online Wednesday and cited it in pleadings filed with a federal judge handling a lawsuit Johnson filed in February claiming trauma from the interaction with Trump…

Trump lawyer Charles Harder said the recording shows Johnson’s suit is “unmeritorious and frivolous.”

Decide for yourself. Here’s the video.

That’s it. That’s the entire encounter.

Speaking as a cuck RINO NeverTrumper who probably wanted Hillary to win, this looks utterly unremarkable. Johnson told Trump how great he is, which is his favorite thing in the world, so he gave her a very chaste kiss on the cheek. She responded to it by continuing to compliment him. Then he moved on, slapping backs and shaking hands. This isn’t even as bad as a typical Biden interaction. Calling it some sort of assault is simply insane.


Speaking of insane, has anybody heard from E. Jean Carroll lately? That whole thing just sort of faded away, didn’t it? The more she talked, the less anybody believed her.

Sexual assault is a very serious accusation, and people like E. Jean Carroll and Alva Johnson aren’t doing real victims any favors. Trump has driven his opponents so insane that they’re leaping on every accusation, whether there’s any evidence or not. And now, there’s evidence disproving an accusation.

Is it any wonder Mike Pence doesn’t want to be alone with women who aren’t his wife? He gets excoriated for that, and then the libs turn right around and call Trump a rapist for kissing a woman on the cheek.

All the Dems have to do is be less crazy than Trump. Obviously, that’s too much to ask.


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