Brooklyn Crowd Cheers for Louis CK Even Though It's 2019

In 2019, people get “cancelled” a lot. If you’re a prominent person, or even just a dumb blogger or something, and you do or say anything that makes anybody angry, they can “cancel” you. I’m not sure exactly how this process works, but usually it involves getting a lot of people on social media to keep repeating the same assertion about you. If you do or say the wrong thing, that’s it. You can’t host the Oscars, or direct another Marvel movie, or have your own sitcom, or do stand-up comedy, or whatever the case may be. Your career is over. You’re “cancelled.”


There’s only one problem with this utterly fair and just system: the outside world. If lots of ordinary people don’t know or care that they’re not supposed to like a celebrity and support his work anymore, they just… keep doing what they want to do. They keep having unapproved thoughts. They laugh when they’re supposed to frown, and applaud when they should be shaking their fists. This is happening every day. In America.

Take Louis CK. Please! Take him! He was supposed to go away forever after he got caught with his pants down in 2017. It wasn’t enough that he lost all his TV and movie deals (go see The Secret Life of Pets 2, in theaters now and not starring Louis CK). He shouldn’t even be able to go onstage to do stand-up anymore. And if he dares to show his face in public, he definitely shouldn’t receive rapturous applause, as he did in Brooklyn this weekend.

TRIGGER WARNING: People cheering for a comedian even though he did bad things and didn’t grovel abjectly enough for our liking

Every single person in that crowd who cheered for Louis CK should be put in a reeducation camp.

Have we learned nothing from Hannah Gadsby? Just a couple of weeks ago, the Aussie post-comedy kommandant put the final nail in Louis CK’s coffin of misogyny:


“He is a joke now. And I think it’s important to keep making that joke… He has not reassessed his position of power, and that is why he was able to abuse it… He still honestly thinks he’s the victim in all of this.”

Gadsby is right. Louis CK is a joke now.

So stop laughing!



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