If Biden Is a Racist, Why Did the Media and Other Dems Let Him Stand Next to Obama for Eight Years?

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I’m old enough to remember when Republicans called Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. a racist for saying things like, “In Delaware… you cannot go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent.” They said he was a racist for opposing desegregation. They even said he was a racist for referring to Barack Obama as “the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean.” But of course, all those concerns were dismissed because Republicans Are Bad™. Biden spent eight full years as vice president of the United States, a heartbeat away from the presidency, and the media and all the other Democrats were just fine with it. More than fine. They were thrilled.


Now Biden is the Democratic Party’s frontrunner for president in 2020, mainly because among the dozens of candidates, he’s the only one most Americans could pick out of a lineup. “Biden? Isn’t he the guy who was always hanging around with Obama? Yeah, I’d vote for him, I guess. At least he’s not Trump.”

And since the last time I typed some stuff about Biden, which was less than 24 hours ago, those same Dems have started turning on him. Now they’re claiming he’s a racist, and this time it matters because they’re not Republicans.

David Rutz, Washington Free Beacon:

Former Vice President Joe Biden fired back at Sen. Cory Booker (D., N.J.) Wednesday for criticism of Biden’s remarks about working constructively with segregationist lawmakers earlier in his career.

Biden defended his comments, saying his point was he was able to get things accomplished even when he didn’t like his colleagues’ views. Asked about Booker’s call for him to apologize, Biden bristled…

Biden has drawn flak from Booker and other fellow 2020 Democratic presidential candidates after telling a fundraiser a day earlier about how at least there was “civility” in the Senate when he worked with segregationist Democrats like Mississippi Sen. James O. Eastland and Georgia Sen. Herman Talmadge.


And now Booker is swinging right back:

Now, of course Booker is punching up. Way, way up. He has nothing to lose. He’s polling below Beto. It’s as if he has the psychic ability to make you forget he’s running for president the second you look away from him. He’s not memorable or notable in any way. But he’s black, so when he sees the frontrunner is in trouble for alleged racism, he has the moral authority to strike.

That’s fine. That’s all part of our tedious, exhausting political process. But I just want to know how all these guys rationalize this.

If Biden is a racist now, why wasn’t he a racist between January 20, 2009, and January 20, 2017? The gatekeepers didn’t have Google that whole time? Why didn’t they say something back then?

And by the liberal rule of guilt by association, why isn’t Obama a racist for elevating such a racist?

Of course, you and I know the answer to all these questions. The Dems knew what Biden was for all those years, and they didn’t care. Calling attention to it would’ve been a threat to their power, which is the only thing they care about.


Now there’s a very real chance that it’ll be Trump vs. Biden next year, so they’re starting to panic. If Hillary couldn’t beat Trump, how can this cabbage-brain? They’d better do something about this before it’s too late.

It would just be nice if the Dems could admit they don’t care about anything but winning. The Republicans sure have.


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