Beto Praises the 'Grace' of Election-Denier Stacey Abrams

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I’ve never run for elected office, but I have to imagine the toughest part is conceding a lost election. You do your best, you lose anyway, and then you have to tough it out and congratulate your victorious opponent. You have to be a good sport and show some class and all that. I’m not a good sport and I don’t have any class, so I’d be terrible at that part.


Fortunately for people like me, there are people like Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams. When she lost the Georgia gubernatorial race in 2018, she dispensed with that whole outdated “concession speech” thing. She just claimed she actually won because the other guy cheated. She kept her ego intact, and all she had to give up in exchange was her grasp on reality. Sanity is a liability in the Democratic Party, of course, so they’ve hailed her as a champion. They love a victim, so she wins by losing.

In fact, the several dozen Dems running for president are now taking turns offering her the VP slot. Today it was her fellow loser, Beto O’Rourke. Here he is on The View, yammering about Abrams’ “grace” and what a “hero” she is (video courtesy of Julio Rosas at the Washington Examiner):



Remember when Donald Trump said he wouldn’t accept the results of the election if he lost? Remember what a threat to the republic that was? Remember how upset our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters were? Do you think that if he had lost and refused to concede, the women of The View would be cooing about his “grace”?

It sounds like Beto knows he’s in trouble in the polls and has nothing to lose. Why not embrace that crazy election-denier all the libs love so much? Plus, this way everybody knows he’s not a racist or a sexist.

I don’t think an O’Rourke/Abrams ticket would have much of a chance, but at least they’d save time writing a concession speech.

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