Unite the Right and Antifa Have More in Common Than You Think

White nationalist demonstrators clash with counter demonstrators (AP Photo/Steve Helber)

By now a good portion of our country is aware that the white supremacist group “Unite the Right” and the radical leftist group “Antifa” are gearing up for yet another protest/showdown this weekend in Washington, D.C. — in Lafayette Square (directly in front of the White House) and in Freedom Plaza (to the east of the White House). I am sure that many people see these two groups as holding views completely at odds with each each other, but I think they are more like two peas in a pod, holding several key extremist views in common.


Here’s where they agree:

1. Both Unite the Right and Antifa are racist.

Unite the Right, of course, is a mixture of such white supremacist groups as the neo-Nazis, Ku Klux Klansmen, and other groups who may not align themselves perfectly with the Nazis or the Klan, but still share their views of white supremacy (often called “alt-right”). The overt racism of the Nazis, Klansmen, and their sympathizers — as well as their evil deeds of mass murder and political oppression — is well known in history and needs no further documentation.

The racism of Antifa and their sympathizers is equally overt, but not as well advertised in the media (big surprise). Antifa, of course, is composed of professing communists, anarchists, “social justice warriors,” and just about anyone else who identifies as a leftist. The Left believes that it is perfectly fine to single out white people and hate them, because they are supposedly the cause of all that is evil in this world (racism, slavery, sexism, poverty, homophobia, islamophobia, name-a-phobia). For example, at the University of California-Berkley, white people (and some Asians) were singled out for discrimination, and that was just fine with the Left.

The leftist tech writer Sarah Jeong is the latest example of how leftists use their own racism (in this case, hatred of white people) to “fight racism.” Supposedly, the New York Times has disciplined her, and she won’t spew out such hatred again. We’ll see.



What do we make of such articles as these by Ekow Yankah, a law professor at Yeshiva University’s Cardozo School of Law (“Can My Children Be Friends With White People?”), and Michael Harriot (“White People are Cowards”)?

These articles are not just “one-offs.” These are mainstream thoughts taken seriously and digested in whole by the Left and their violent doppelgangers in Antifa: White people are to be blamed for everything that is wrong in the world. This is just as insane as saying that black people are to be blamed for all of society’s ills — but among the Left, racism is only one way.

“People of color” are immune from being racists because they have never had the power to oppress others, they say. Really? Tell that to the Japanese Imperial Army in World War II. Tell that to the black Africans and the Native Americans who enslaved and oppressed one another for centuries long before the Europeans showed up. Here is Ben Shapiro soundly dismantling the politically correct notion of “white privilege:”

And here is Charlie Kirk, using simple logic and facts, politely taking apart the anti-white racism of a “social justice warrior:”

Keep in mind that all of these anti-white racist feelings from the Social Justice Warriors and other leftists are fully believed and acted upon by Antifa.


2. Both Unite the Right and Antifa hate Israel.

Unite the Right proudly brandishes swastikas and other Nazi apparel. They proudly identify with members of the vile Ku Klux Klan.

Watch this disgusting video of Americans giving the Nazi stiff arm salute and parading in Klan paraphernalia. Listen to their anti-semitic rants of “Jews will not replace us:”

This article from The Atlantic documents well the anti-Semitism prevalent in the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville last year.

What about Antifa’s attitude toward Israel? There is a growing trend towards the “boycott-divestment-sanctions” movement against Israel.

This “BDS” movement against Israel is going mainstream with Antifa on the campus of the University of Tennessee.

And in this article an Israeli minister says that Antifa is actually more opposed to Israel than the alt-right is.

3. Both Unite the Right and Antifa use violence to silence their opposition.

It almost goes without saying, doesn’t it? The Klan lynched and burned their way throughout our country from the days of Reconstruction all the way through the civil rights movement of the 1960s. The Nazis murdered millions of innocent people they deemed inferior during Hitler’s reign of terror. Yet today, some very ignorant and misguided Americans spit on the graves of their ancestors who defeated the Nazis, and give the stiff arm Nazi salute. Last year a supporter of Unite the Right plowed into a crowd of Antifa supporters and murdered Heather Heyer.


As for Antifa, it’s pretty obvious to all that they will attack you physically if they think you are not 100 percent in agreement with them. Look at how they attacked Ben Shapiro, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Ann Coulter. They come in homemade body armor ready to put you in the hospital, and they are proud of their tyranny.

There is one thing that scares both Unite the Right and Antifa to death, however — an informed, intelligent public that desires peaceful dialogue. Neither of these tyrannical groups have any “safe spaces” for such an American ideal.

4. Unite the Right and Antifa despise our Constitutional Republic.

“Nazi” is an abbreviation for National Sozialistiche Deutsche Arbeiter Partei, which means in English “National Socialist German Workers’ Party.” Socialist. The Nazis were a form of socialism.

Very similar to the Italian and Spanish fascists, they believed in government control over the means and distribution of production. Their strong, central government planned most everything out, but still left the property nominally in the hands of the owner. Everything that was done in that nation was to glorify the state, and in particular the state’s leader. Everyone was given free education, free health care, guaranteed jobs … life was just peachy! Except for those who were considered “subhumans” by the state. Those people were liquidated. Nazism is not compatible with a free people.


The Klan’s ideology is not so much based on economic models, but definitely agrees with the Nazis that some people are racially inferior and have no place in their “new world order.”

Antifa is an odd mix of both hardcore communists who believe in absolute total control of a central government over every aspect of your life, and anarchists who believe that we should have no government. How do these two groups stay together? They feed off their mutual hatred for our constitutional government, which is based on the idea that everyone is created equal.

Their unashamed waving of the hammer and sickle proves that they despise the free government Americans have worked so hard to preserve and improve on these past two centuries. It is ironic that both groups are so blind to the fact that they use the freedom of speech guaranteed in the Constitution to deny the same freedom to others and to destroy the freest nation on earth.

5. Both groups despise Christianity.

I already mentioned their hatred of Israel and the Jewish people. They hate the Christians too. Although the Klan professes to have a thin veneer of Christianity, they are anything but Christian.

Just read the New Testament, particularly the Sermon on the Mount and the love chapter of 1 Corinthians 13. That ought to be enough to show the moral rot of the Klan and its utter lack of connection with biblical Christianity. The Nazis also made a pretense of allegiance to the Christian faith, but, of course, mass murdering millions of Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, Catholics, Protestants, and anyone else they didn’t like is not an indication of faith in Jesus Christ.


Antifa makes no bones about it: they want no part of the Christian faith. They are filled with a good amount of atheists and agnostics who do not believe in any moral absolutes, but of course they believe in the absolute moral uprightness of their cause (try to figure that one out). Just get a load of this Antifa website that sells their paraphernalia. Here is one Christian response to the Antifa movement.

There may indeed be some misguided Christians who think that they can share the ride with Antifa, but the violent communists and anarchists will eventually turn on them as well. (The communists and anarchists will eventually turn on each other too, and it is a tossup as to which group would prevail in that fight.)

Both of these groups are populated with pathetic, angry, venomous, and barely educated people who apparently feel that despising other human beings and killing them is the way to go. It is just modern savagery.

God have mercy upon our nation.


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