LGBT Activists Bully UK Theater to Censor Christian Film About Voluntarily Leaving Gay Lifestyle

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The BBC has recently reported that a British theater has cancelled the viewing of a Christian film that purportedly shows the testimonies of individuals who have voluntarily left the homosexual lifestyle.


Vue is a chain of movie theaters in the UK, and the Christian ministry “Core Issues Trust” booked a theater in Piccadilly, London in order to show their film “Voices of the Silenced.” LGBT activists got wind of the film and immediately bombarded the management of the theater with demands to cancel the viewing. Vue caved to their demands.

What are the issues here and why would anyone want to censor a movie that only had 126 people planning to attend? What is so threatening about this film?

Core Issues has a separate website promoting the film and you can see snippets of the movie there. That website says the film “highlights the goals of sexual politics and the silencing of views opposing the return to the pansexual culture of the pre-Christian Graeco-Roman world. It listens to the voices of 34 individuals, extraordinary in their ordinariness, including witnesses to the experience of leaving homosexual practices and feelings. It explores how sciences become the servants of ideology using examples from history, mental health policy, and archeology.”

The site goes on to explain that “‘Voices of the Silenced’ reminds us that the Christian Gospel, whether or not equated to personal faith, has influenced western civilisation so profoundly that even secularists today build on its legacy and, without self-examination, fail to acknowledge the pivotal and enduring influence of Christian teaching.”


Core Issues states that they believe in the historic, biblical truths of orthodox Christianity. Unlike the Westboro cult (Westboro Baptist Church of Wichita Kansas) that so vulgarly spews hateful invectives on anyone who disagrees with them, Core Issues seeks to lovingly engage in conversation and voluntary therapy with people who come to them for help. They call their approach “Change Oriented Therapy” (in contrast to “Gay Affirming Therapy” or “Sexual Identity Therapy” which they recognize and explain, but reject).

Here is what they say about their ministry: “Grieving for those whose sense of rejection and abandonment is increased through the well-intentioned, but often misinformed acts of Christians seeking to uphold the Biblical prohibition on homosexual acts, CORE seeks to explore appropriate patterns of relating in both singleness and in marriage. It takes seriously the Biblical injunction to ‘love one another deeply, from the heart’ (1 Peter 1:22), and promotes the idea that change is possible.”

Against this the LGBT community in Britain has decided that it is their job to tell people what they can or cannot see in movie theaters. When Vue decided to cancel the showing, they began their explanation with: “While it is not our intention to censor content…”

As soon as anyone begins with that statement, you know that censorship is EXACTLY what they are all about. This whole episode is fascinating to me. Movie theaters across western Europe and the U.S. regularly show films that include rape, sado-masochism, murder, cannibalism, torture, and every other kind of debauchery one can (or cannot) imagine. And apparently all of that is okay in the name of free speech and “art.” Fine. I believe in free speech and freedom of conscience. Show it. I don’t have to go see it.


But if someone wants to show a film about ADULTS who have voluntarily left the homosexual lifestyle … well that is just intolerable, isn’t it??? We can’t have that.

Hey, Vue has the right to show or not show whatever they want. Their hypocrisy in this story is astounding, however. And I wonder just exactly what is the LGBT community so afraid of here.

Well, they tell us in the BBC article. The group Stonewall said that “LGBT people aren’t ill. Being gay, lesbian, bi or trans is not something that should be ‘cured’ or changed.” So, Stonewall speaks for everyone? Stonewall speaks for all LGBT people? Maybe, just maybe someone in the LGBT community would like to see the film? But no, Stonewall (and other groups like them) wants to make sure that they don’t. Isn’t that called censorship?

And NO one can change? Being LGBT is permanent? All these people in the film are lying? How about the testimony of former lesbian Rosaria Butterfield? She came out of the homosexual lifestyle years ago. Is everything she is saying here a total lie, or is she telling the truth and homosexuals really can change and become heterosexual?

Her book The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert is one of the best books I have read in a long time.

Or how about the testimony of Christopher Yuan? His story is not true?

I noticed also that Stonewall said that the Christian group’s actions were “unethical.” Unethical? A group of people who promote sexual promiscuity is calling a group of Christian psychiatrists, psychologists, and therapists unethical? Let that roll around in your head for a while.


I notice that Core Issues on their website is very upfront about who they are, what they believe, and how they go about talking to people who come to them. They do not capture people and hold them against their will. If you don’t want what they offer, they won’t come after you.

Isn’t pressuring Vue to cancel the film just another form of bullying? I thought in our culture we are to be against bullying. I sure am. If people want to see a movie I don’t approve of, I won’t stop them. They are adults; go see the film. But why try to shut down the venue for everyone else?

Vue stated that it had “a duty to ensure that material such as this is not shown on its screens” and that LGBT staff could “unwittingly be disturbed by the content.” Huh? So, let’s censor because someone, somewhere, might just possibly be offended and get their feelings hurt?

Ever heard of growing up and being an adult? I was offended by the movies “The Last Temptation of Christ” (1988) and “Jesus Christ Superstar” (1973) decades ago, but I sure didn’t try to shut down a theater. What happened to true tolerance?

For many on the Left there is ZERO tolerance for opposing views or opposing evidence. No one is allowed to leave. No one is allowed to think differently. There is no recognition of those who have a different view. All must comply. There is only bullying and censorship for those who celebrate their new lives.


How about this instead? If you don’t like the movie, if it threatens your beliefs too much, if you are too emotionally sensitive to handle it … don’t show up!! That’s what I’m told about same-sex weddings. People have told me that if I don’t approve, then don’t go. Does it work that way in this instance too? If you don’t like the film, then don’t go!

I am sure, however, that more people will be interested in this movie now that it has the “banned/censored” status. How shallow one’s convictions must be if they think they must shut down any and all opposing viewpoints.

If this sort of censorship and bullying is allowed to take place, soon there will be fewer and fewer … maybe even no places where people can legally and openly express ideas contrary to the views of the LGBT-dominated media and government. I can certainly see a day in my lifetime where ministering the Gospel to the LGBT people will become like the “Underground Railroad” of the 21st century. It will be illegal. You will have to watch your back. Or you will be fined and/or imprisoned.

Don’t believe me? Look at the most recent laws in California that state that if you refer to a transgendered person by the “wrong” pronoun you can be prosecuted.

And of course the stories of Christian bakers and photographers being prosecuted by the LGBT community are legion.


But, that is the “inclusive” and “diverse” and “tolerant” attitude of many in our culture today.


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