Activist Group Bursts Florida 'Bubble' — Rallies to End Health Mandates Once and for All

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A group of activists has put together a series of events to educate Florida residents on the dangers of further COVID-19 mandates, based on the successful World Coronavirus Summit in Ocala in November 2021. The group, Take Action For Freedom (TAFF), has scheduled events throughout the state of Florida over several days that include doctors, lawyers, and public policy experts. The goal is to encourage voters to hold legislators accountable and change the laws to promote more liberty in the Sunshine State.


In an interview with PJ Media, Yvette Gaugh, Florida leader of the group Make America Free Again, said that the organization intends to raise red flags about medical freedom laws in the state, which she called some of the worst in the nation. “Florida is the last stand for freedom,” Gaugh said, “but Floridians are living in a bubble. They truly have no understanding of the government overreach that has and is still happening in a lot of the US and around the world. We are going to explain that Florida has some of the worst health and medical freedom laws on the books.”

“We’re one election away from turning into California,” she added.

The Take Action For Freedom website says:


Stand against the war on democracy, free speech, civil liberties, and the right to govern your own body and your child’s.

Don’t miss this tour, which will sell out fast! Following the important event, continue the special day with an optional VIP dinner, where you can meet and take photos with the doctors, scientists and public figures putting their careers on the line for our children.

The lineup of speakers is headlined by some of the same folks who appeared in Ocala in November, including Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Ryan Cole, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Pierre Kory, and several other doctors. Other speakers will include clinical psychologists discussing the emotional damage done to children and adults with pandemic lockdowns, mask mandates, and threats to livelihoods over the refusal to take the vaccination. Attorneys will also discuss legal remedies available to the general public.


The November event in Ocala included continuing education credits for medical professionals. While these talks won’t include those credits, they are intended to educate the broader public about the negative effects and further risks of future lockdowns.

The dates of the statewide tour:

  1. April 21: Santa Rosa
  2. April 22: Tallahassee
  3. April 23: Jacksonville
  4. April 24: Orlando
  5. April 27: Riverview
  6. April 28: Largo
  7. April 29: Venice
  8. April 30: Sarasota

Sponsoring organizations include The America Project and America’s Future.


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