Patrick Byrne, Gen. Flynn, Roger Stone Announce New Election Integrity Initiative In Orlando

At a press conference outside of CPAC on Feb. 25, principles in a new group called The America Project (TAP) announced an initiative to train election volunteers across Arizona, Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Texas, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Virginia to “expose shenanigans at the ballot box.” TAP has created an election integrity initiative they dub Operation Eagles Wings, funded by a donation of almost $3 million from the organization’s CEO and co-founder, Patrick Byrne. The total funding for TAP exceeds $8 million, including funding from Byrne and extensive nationwide fundraising.


In a statement, TAP announced:

According to TAP Founder Patrick Byrne, Operation Eagles Wings will educate election reform activists on everything from grassroots training to election canvassing and fundraising. Operations Eagles Wings also plans on preparing and circulating commentary on current election policies, where the strengths and weaknesses are in regards to the current laws on the books, in order to ensure the American people have access to fact-based truths about the election process across the United States.

Co-founders Patrick Byrne, former CEO of, and retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn touted their early success at the Friday press conference, noting that they helped organize 4,500 election integrity volunteers to monitor polling stations in the Nov. 2021 elections in Virginia that saw Republican Glenn Youngkin shock the heavily favored Democrat to win the governor’s race.

At the press conference, Senior Advisor Roger Stone said, “If I didn’t think this had a chance to succeed, I wouldn’t have gotten involved.”

Byrne released a statement that announced:

Our goal is to not only provide the proper training for Americans who want to make sure that there are no repeats of the errors that happened in the 2020 election, but also to educate them on how to manage volunteers and fundraise for their efforts in a way that allows each state to become self-sustaining and financially secure. In order to restore America’s trust in the integrity of our elections, we need to do everything in our power to protect the voting process from election meddlers who care only about serving crooked special interest groups that neither respect nor value the rule of law.


In an interview with PJ Media, TAP president Joe Flynn (also the general’s brother) said they want to promote Operation Eagles Wings as a non-partisan election integrity effort. “We invite everybody,” Flynn said. “Everybody needs to be involved in their civic duty of voting. Look, I was a Democrat most of my life. Patrick Byrne is a libertarian. The only long-term republican is Roger. The general and I were Democrats until fairly recently. So, from our perspective, our goal is to get people involved in the democratic process, because it’s been terribly lacking.”

Flynn then took aim at the political party structure, saying they focused solely on their base voters. “Part of the problem is,” Flynn said, “the parties never focus on the low propensity voters. They just go after their bases, and then they’re happy to win by a hundred, two hundred votes. We’re talking about leaving thousands, millions of votes on the table.”

“Is it ambitious? Yes. Politically, if more people get involved, I think this country is center-right, so it will come out in the wash. Hopefully, pro-America, pro-freedom, pro-constitutional people will get elected.”

In a hostile media environment, Flynn believes the power of their message will come from boots on the ground — activating enough volunteers to get the word out despite Big Tech and corporate media shutting them out. He believes they can recruit large numbers to the cause. “People see what happened in the last election,” he said, “and they’re seeing that they HAVE TO get more involved.”


Flynn also noted that TAP has backed the legal challenges to the election results in several states, including $150,000 to help the lawsuit in Pennsylvania. He hinted at TAP getting further involved in judicial challenges.

More information on The America Project can be found at its website.


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