'I Have 3,000 Patients Who Have Been Abandoned': Doctor Speaks Out After License Suspended for Attending Trump Rally

Oregon doctor loses license after appearing at Trump rally. Photo from YouTube.

Dr. Steve LaTulippe is a family physician in Dallas, Ore., who specializes in pain management that bypasses reliance on opioids. He has practiced family medicine at his small-town clinic for over 20 years with what he describes as a spotless record with the Oregon Medical Board. So it came as quite a shock to him when the medical board suspended his license to practice medicine over a viral video of his speech at a Stop the Steal rally on November 7. Now, Dr. LaTulippe is sounding the alarm over the consequences of exercising his First Amendment rights, and how politics has led him to be targeted by the government and the medical establishment.

In an exclusive interview with PJ Media, Dr. LaTulippe revealed how the Oregon Medical Board compiled false information on him over a period of several months, but only after the video of his speech went viral did they shut down his medical practice, calling it an imminent danger to the public. “I was not only censored, but I had my livelihood taken away from me because of attending a Trump rally,” he said. “I have 3,000 patients who have been abandoned by the Oregon Medical Board.”

In a speech, LaTulippe said he wanted to debunk “COVID mania.” He said that he never shut down his practice, and neither he nor his staff ever wore a mask in his clinic:

He went on to say the response to COVID-19 was insanity, and only intended to shut down the American people. “Take off the mask of shame,” he says, “it is designed to control you and shut you down.”

LaTulippe told PJ Media the letter announcing the suspension of his license didn’t cite a single medical reason. “I did practice my usual flu and cold season protocol,” he said, “and it is very, very effective. I had absolutely not a single problem with infectivity. None of my staff or I became sick. None of my patients became sick.” He says if patients showed coronavirus symptoms, the staff would schedule them for the end of the day to avoid infecting other patients. They thoroughly disinfected the clinic at the end of every day. He insists that not a single case of COVID-19 transmission has been traced to his clinic.

For that, the medical board suspended his license.

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Dr. LaTulippe also criticized the standard treatment of COVID-19, saying that in most cases, early steroid treatment works. “Let me tell you that not only do I have a perfect record as far as preventing the spread and co-infections in my office with viruses in general,” he told PJ Media, “but also I have a hundred percent perfect treatment record with early treatment with my protocol. I would call them the next day or two and say how are you doing and they would all tell me universally ‘I’m drastically better.'” He says pulse-dosing steroid treatment works to drastically hasten the recovery from the respiratory symptoms of coronavirus.

In the interview, Dr. LaTulippe also included his attorney, Mariah Gondeiro, to address their legal strategies. She said they will go to federal court to halt the suspension of his license. “We’re going to be seeking a temporary restraining order in federal court seeking the board to reinstate his license until an actual hearing can be conducted,” Gondeiro said. “The board claims that they couldn’t have a typical process for him, where he gets an opportunity to object and challenge the allegations, which is necessary in this case because many of the allegations are just completely false. They claim that they couldn’t go through that normal process because his actions were posing an imminent threat to the community.”

That’s right, Dr. LaTulippe was denied due process by the licensing board because what he said was an “imminent danger to the public.”

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“I just want to make this point because this is really important,” Gondeiro said. “They say that he is posing an imminent, irreparable harm to the community, but the real harm is to him and his clients. They have taken away his livelihood for a month, two, maybe three months. He’s going to have to find another way to provide for his family. And he is the only pain and addiction expert in his community. This is the worst possible time to take away someone’s license, in the middle of a pandemic. Someone who is treating those who are in complete agony, who are experiencing high levels of anxiety and depression. It’s just evil and cruel to take away his license when so many people rely on him.”

Gondeiro also questioned the process by which the Oregon Medical Board declared his medical practice an imminent danger to the public. “I think this is political,” she said. “If you see the report, that’s what it appears to be, because they had information about Dr. LaTulippe in July. They had information from a client who said that Dr. LaTulippe told him he couldn’t wear a mask, which was false. But they also knew how the doctor was having a different protocol. So if this was really an emergency, they could have filed something five months ago. It was after he attended the Trump rally that they retaliated against him.”

Check out the entire interview at the “Behind the Curtain” podcast at this link. It’s absolutely amazing what the powers that be are doing to bypass constitutional rights to self-expression in the name of the pandemic.

You can donate to LaTulippe’s defense fund here.

Jeff Reynolds is the author of the book, “Behind the Curtain: Inside the Network of Progressive Billionaires and Their Campaign to Undermine Democracy,” available at www.WhoOwnsTheDems.com. Jeff hosts a podcast at anchor.fm/BehindTheCurtain. You can follow him on Twitter @ChargerJeff, and on Parler at @RealJeffReynolds.

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