George Washington Statue, Toppled by Anarchists, Causes 'Harm': Portland's Regional Arts and Culture Council

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On Thursday, Portland anarchists tore down the George Washington statue in the Northeast portion of town. In response, the director of the Regional Arts and Culture Council said that it, among other defaced and vandalized statues, causes “harm.”


Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Marxist organizers, and anarchists have engaged in rioting for more than three weeks. They’ve used the murder of George Floyd as cover to justify their destructive, violent protests, promoting the idea that America must be destroyed and rebuilt.

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The Portland Tribune reported Friday:

“We know there are problematic statues and other pieces of art in the city’s collection,” said the spokeswoman, Heather Nelson Kent. “Some of these pieces really harm people.”

Nelson Kent said RACC already has spent tens of thousands of dollars on remediation of vandalism to public art, mostly focusing on graffiti that is violent or profane.

She said the statue of a pioneer family near the Justice Center, as well as the statue of Oregonian publisher Harvey Scott on Mt. Tabor, have taken the brunt of the damage.

“We really want to have a conversation about how to address the issues that those pieces of art raise,” Nelson Kent said. “Do we remove things? We’ve removed things. We’ve moved things. We can take things out of the collection. We can reinterpret things.”


After the rioters pulled down the statue, they wrapped the head in an American flag, which they then set on fire. One rioter then urinated on the head of the statue.

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The rioters went even further. The following tweet is not for the easily sickened:


As the tweet notes, the police did not show up until the damage had been done. Evidently that’s fine, because the George Washington statue really harms people.

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