Aubrey Huff Says San Francisco Giants Banned Him From World Series Reunion Over Trump Support

Aubrey Huff (via Wikipedia)

In 2010, the San Francisco Giants won the World Series. That year, Aubrey Huff started for the Giants at first base and led the team in home runs, playing a vital role in their championship season. Now, the team has announced that he will not participate in the 10th-anniversary team reunion and ceremony, over his support for President Trump.


On February 17, the San Francisco Giants responded to a request for comment by the online sports outlet The Athletic,

“Earlier this month, we reached out to Aubrey Huff to let him know that he will not be included in the upcoming 2010 World Series Championship reunion. Aubrey has made multiple comments on social media that are unacceptable and run counter to the values of our organization. While we appreciate the many contributions that Aubrey made to the 2010 championship season, we stand by our decision,” the Giants said in a statement emailed to The Athletic when asked specifically if Huff would be invited to the reunion.

While Huff’s Twitter rants have crossed the line into the crass and objectionable, many observers believe his unabashed support of Donald Trump is the real reason.

Huff released a statement in response:

It reads, in part,

To the Giants board members who seem to think every Giants fan is a Liberal, they aren’t. I have had thousands of die hard Giants fans reach out to me on my social media platforms to support me.

I’m proud of what I accomplished in my 3 years with the Giants. I made lifelog memories with teammates that can never be taken away from me. And while I’m disappointed the Giants are so opposed to President Trump, and our constitutional rights that they’d uninvite me to my teams [sic] reunion, it shows me that now more than ever we have to stand up for our first 1st amendment rights [sic].


The report at The Athletic goes on to say,

When reached via phone by The Athletic on Monday afternoon for his view of the Giants’ decision and statement, Huff expressed his displeasure.

“Quite frankly, shocked. Disappointed. If it wasn’t for me, they wouldn’t be having a reunion,” Huff said. “But if they want to stick with their politically correct, progressive bullshit, that’s fine.”

Unaware that the Giants would release a statement on the matter, he said he originally planned to stay quiet about his absence until the event drew closer. As for any chances of a future, unofficial reunion, he wasn’t yet sure.

“I might have something up my sleeve,” Huff said.

Huff’s Twitter account should be pretty interesting in the coming days and weeks.

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