Don't Mess with Our History: American Flags Planted at Nike's Oregon HQ on July 4th to Protest Betsy Ross Snub

On Independence Day, local activists planted American flags at the entrance of Nike World Headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon. The intent was to show Nike that, despite what Colin Kaepernick may have told them, not everyone thinks the American flag is a symbol of racism and slavery.


In case you missed it, Nike was set to release a patriotically themed sneaker this week with the Betsy Ross flag — the original American flag — on the heel. Some social justice warriors actually believe that because some folks carried this version of the flag at the deadly Charlottesville protest in 2017, it’s become a symbol of white supremacy. Nike spokesman Kaepernick complained and corporate executives pulled the shoe from their line.

One activist who helped to plant the flags at Nike told PJ Media, “It’s just unfortunate that we couldn’t get any Betsy Ross flags, but the message is the same. We wanted to remind Nike that Colin Kaepernick is simply wrong about the history of the flag.”

The display idea started small. The protest came together over a few posts on social media, and folks trickled over to the Nike campus throughout the morning to add their contributions to the display.

The display started small … (Image credit Jeff Reynolds for PJ Media)


… until a few more folks showed up to help… (Image credit: Jeff Reynolds for PJ Media)


… the display grew larger … (Image credit: Jeff Reynolds for PJ Media)


(Image credit: Jeff Reynolds for PJ Media)

Reports continued to trickle in throughout the day of other folks stopping by to add to the display.



Someone added a smaller flag …(Image credit: Jeff Reynolds for PJ Media)


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