The Best Meme Responses to the Ridiculousness That Is the Tide Pod Challenge

Nothing could be more Peak 2018 than the stupidity that is the Tide Pod Challenge. Some enterprising teenagers have challenged their own participation in the gene pool by videoing themselves chewing up single-use liquid laundry packets and posting the results on the Internet. Apparently risking death to foam at the mouth in video has become cool among the youth.


Yes, we will pause right now for the pathetic and apparently necessary disclaimer that you shouldn’t act so stupidly and risk your life to look cool eating a Tide Pod. Because that would be really dumb, and you could die.

For its part, Tide released a public service announcement starring New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski:

Retailers are now locking up Tide Pods in cases to avoid theft. YouTube has banned videos of people doing the challenge.

This is serious, folks.

Naturally, The Internet didn’t take this phenomenon lying down. Being The Internet, it responded to this cultural phenomenon with brutal judgment and mockery.

Here are the best memes mocking the Tide Pod Challenge.




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