Saturday Night Live Cast Members Admit Liberals Are More Fun to Upset

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In an interview this week, the hosts of “Weekend Update” on Saturday Night Live said that they love to make fun of liberals. To the surprise of the hosts of the radio program that interviewed them, they said they will make fun of anybody, but they get the most enjoyment out of riling up ultra liberals.


Colin Jost and Michael Che are the comedians who co-host “Weekend Update.” Appearing on the “The Dan Le Batard Show” on ESPN Radio Tuesday, Jost and Che revealed their feelings about the current political climate. In an unexpectedly revealing question, Le Batard asked them whom they prefer to anger with their comedy:

Le Batard: Who do you most delight in upsetting? When you say the extremes on the far right and the far left, never mind politics, just in general…


Le Batard: … the people that you most like upsetting. Liberals.

Jost: Yeah, liberals are the most fun to upset because they get so … they think they’re very much above it, and then they get so upset.

Che: Liberals are more conservative than conservatives, because liberals get offended on behalf of people that’s not even watching.

[Studio explodes in laughter]

Jost: Yeah, they get … if you’re liberal and then you say one thing that’s not, like, in the liberal agenda, they turn on you so fast. Like when Elon Musk met with Trump, and they were like, “You’re outta here.” And he’s like, “No, it’s about clean energy,” And they’re like, “No, kill yourself.”

Che: Yeah, they’re always fun to ruffle.

Jost: Yeah.

Dan Le Batard is very much in the Social Justice Warrior camp, routinely pushing themes on his show that support the Black Lives Matter movement and Colin Kaepernick’s protests. So when the SNL crew revealed their views about making fun of liberals, Le Batard was a little taken aback:


Le Batard: That’s a surprising answer. Are you guys not surprised by that? Because I thought that generally speaking comedians loved taking down conservatives.

Che: No, conservatives are fun! You know, remember when you were in school, I don’t know if you were a front of the classroom kid or a back of the classroom kid. But you know, when you sit in the back of the class and you’re throwing spitballs, you always want to hit the nerd, you want to hit the smart girl. You don’t want to hit the fun kids.

Jost: Yeah.

Che: You want to hit the teacher. You want to hit the person with the hand up first.

Jost: So kids, hit your teachers. That’s the takeaway here.

Le Batard: Ok, that’s it. Excellent dismount. Thank you guys. A lesson for all of America: Kids, hit your teachers. You can see them on SNL The Weekend …

Jost: The world will be a better place.

Le Batard: … Updates special …

Jost: Get super conservative and hate your teachers.

Le Batard: … premiering on August 10th at 9 p.m. on NBC.

Jost and Che make clear that they are not actually conservative, and that they simply enjoy the comedic product that happens when liberals get spun up by their act.

This is not the first time since Election Day 2016 that SNL has lampooned the Left. Two weeks after the election, SNL aired a mock commercial called “The Bubble” — an ad for a planned community where disillusioned liberals could move so they would never have to deal with the reality that Hillary lost the election.


In March, there was a skit involving Max, the Trump-loving dog, who thinks it’s unfair for people to think he’s racist.

In October, before the election even happened, they aired an episode of “Black Jeopardy” in which a Trump supporter is shown to have a lot more in common with the African-American community than anyone expects.

Perhaps the most telling skit this season is the Election Night episode where liberals watch the election returns while Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle tell them they told them so.

Liberals have proven Jost and Che’s point by targeting them for vitriol when they made jokes that poked fun at The Agenda. In an interview earlier this year for GQ, they pushed back against the notion that they somehow were responsible for Trump’s win:

People blamed outlets like SNL and GQ and others for giving Donald Trump too much attention during the election and humanizing or validating him. It seems like, as comedians, it’d be impossible to avoid Trump.

Colin: He had a hit TV show on NBC for 14 years! He was covered by every major newspaper for 30 years. The idea that any one person humanized… he’s been the most human figure for decades. The reason he won is because he knows how to use the media and he’s a great communicator, whether you agree with the message or not.

Michael: Also, I don’t know who was on the fence about Trump politically and then saw him on our show in a Sia wig and was like, “That guy’s gotta be president.” We made him look ridiculous. I think people are just angry and lashing out. It’s part of the stages of grief.


Of course, that didn’t stop Jost from making a joke about transgenders that got him into hot water with his liberal followers:

This is not to say that SNL has gone full on conservative. Far from it. They still have Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin, after all. What is interesting to note, however, is that they realize that nobody is off limits when it comes to comedy. The show isn’t afraid to take on sacred cows, Left or Right. It’s something that Dan Le Batard and the rest of ESPN could stand to learn. After all, alienating half of your potential audience has been proven to be bad for ratings.



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