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President Trump's Voter Fraud Commission Meets, Smeared by Deniers

Remember a few weeks ago when civility was cool? Or, had you already forgotten?

Remember the days after Rep. Steve Scalise was bleeding out at second base in Alexandria, Virginia?  "Kindness builds communities." Everyone was Mr. Rogers, glad to be your neighbor.

Not anymore. Not with the Four Horsemen of the Voter Suppression Apocalypse on the loose.

Brennan Center graphic

All it took to forget that civility was cool was for the President’s Commission on Election Integrity to hold their first meeting. I’m on that Commission, and I get to experience the ugliness and dishonesty directed at it up close.

The President’s Commission on Election Integrity is going to do what no academic, no law professor, and certainly no group funded by George Soros has been willing to do: inventory and catalog the extent of voter fraud using all available data.

Naturally, a smear campaign sprung into action as soon it was clear that the president was serious.  The groups that raise money telling Americans there is no voter fraud led the effort. They have a lot to lose, so they have a lot to do. After all, if they’re wrong, their donors were had and their claim that voter fraud is a myth risks being exposed as one big lie.

President Trump flipped the script on this crowd. He inverted the risk calculations. That’s what they hate.

And hate they did.

"This not about voter fraud. This is literally about stripping the right to vote from millions of Americans," Joya Taft-Dick of Washington, D.C., told NPR’s Pam Fessler. To them, Kris Kobach is “one of the country’s foremost architects of voter suppression.” Hans von Spakovsky is “the Dark Prince of voter alarmism” in a story by Leon Neyfakh.

More articles than I can link to say I specialize in "disenfranchising minorities." Never mind that I brought more cases to create minority voting districts and to protect minority language rights while I was at the Justice Department than the DOJ brought in the eight years of President Obama. I never saw any of the groups suing over the Commission helping me fight raw racial discrimination in federal court. They were selectively AWOL -- but are happy to label someone as racist in a pleading.

But the hate was even spicier on Twitter:

“Racist!” is a favorite slander of the Commission foes. Kobach is a racist. Von Spakovsky is a racist. Pence is a racist. I’m a racist. Ken Blackwell is a … oh wait.

But they’ve got other slurs for Ken.

For good measure, @jennycohn1 even published Blackwell’s home address on Twitter. I'm sure Twitter will ban her right away. Oh, be careful there, loons -- Ken is an NRA board member.