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At Each Other's Throats: Intolerant Professor Harasses White Nationalist in Gym

Once upon a time, tolerance had meaning. It used to be that civility was a virtue, and no matter how far outside the mainstream your views were, you could be in a public place without being harangued and chased out of the building.

But tolerance isn’t cool anymore, particularly among professors on campus.

So that’s why something bad was bound to happen when Georgetown professor C. Christine Fair was at an Alexandria, Virginia, health club with Richard Spencer of the National Policy Institute.

When a kooky leftist professor sees the head of a group focused on the “future of people of European descent,” it isn’t hard to guess what might happen next.

This is the same Professor Fair who had been admonished by staff at the same gym to not wear her “Fuck Trump” hat on the premises. See, public vulgarity is fashionable discourse among the anti-Trump smart set.

Fair confronted Spencer while he quietly worked out. Fair scolded that his membership at the gym was an “unfair burden upon the women and people of color -- and white male allies of the same.”

After making this public scene, the gym decided to revoke membership in the club -- but not for Fair. Old Town Sport and Health revoked Spencer's membership instead. Fair kept her membership.

Fair confronts Spencer

Let’s get something straight. I’ve written on these pages for years that race should have no place in our everyday affairs. Grouping people by race is inherently degrading to individual dignity. To the extent the law must take into account race, it should be to the least degree possible.

White nationalism is as insane as black nationalism. Efforts to stoke white racial cohesion is as corrosive as the black power movement, including the Black Lives Matter movement. Individual dignity is not based on ancestry or race. It is based on the inherent reflection of the divine in everyone.

But “tolerance” is a one-way street these days, and Professor Fair is just the latest example.

Fair has become quite a cause celebre in the anti-Trump lunatic asylum that has become the Democratic Party. The central propaganda arm for the DNC -- the Washington Post -- even gave her rant space to justify her intolerance.

At her blog -- “ShitMenSay” -- the esteemed professor notes:

This is where I post snarcastic missives based upon the shit men ... say to me via email, voicemail and comments "deposited" on my various social media like celestial droppings of stupidity. I believe that people who say these things should be accountable for their speech. Thus, I am exercising the same first amendment as these piggies are. The only response to nasty speech is more speech. ... I tell these weasels to take their (almost always) white, male privilege and kindly deposit it in the only orifice that doesn’t embarrass them when it’s open.