Rule of Law

RIP Mike Flynn

Had Mike Flynn been born a couple of centuries earlier, he’d be the fellow deciding behind which stand of trees Americans would hide to pick off redcoats.

Unfortunately, Flynn, one of the original editors in chief at Brietbart, died yesterday.

Flynn was a brilliant and knowledgeable fellow who had a knack for channeling the zeal of the rising new media into an effective and credible force.  He leaves behind a charming wife and family and muscular and influential conservative new media made more so by his work.

Too many young and effective voices are dying early.  Just a few years ago, Mike, Andrew Breitbart and Chip Gerdes could be a swirl of activity on email and the phone, “weaponizing” the next big wave.

That they are all gone is hard to contemplate, like turning a bolt of lightning into darkness.

Mike was also a neighbor.  One Christmas Day, Mike spontaneously asked us to come over to his house and have a drink with some other writers, including mysterious and humorous ones.  I’ve had a lingering gratitude for inviting us into one’s home on such a special day.

Mike’s Twitter handle was Flynn1776.  He was a true patriot who knew the value of liberty in creating civil society and building civilizations.  Best of all, Mike had a keen wit that could see five steps ahead.  He seemed to anticipate things that others did not see.  He could see behind what someone was saying or how a small matter fit into larger patterns.  It was a skill that will be missed.