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Univision Television Network Boasts It Helped Elect Obama

Imagine if Fox News Channel launched an advertising campaign after the 2014 election with the Republican Party elephant logo, and instead of three stars in the logo, spelled out “F-O-X.” Imagine if the advertisements read:

Opposing the administration wasn’t enough … it took Fox News … we reach persuadable voters.

It isn’t hard to imagine the waves of outrage against Fox News that would follow. Yet that is what Univision Network is now doing with its promotional street advertisements throughout Washington, D.C.

Univision advertisement in Washington D.C.

Univision advertisement in Washington, D.C.

These posters are appearing throughout Washington, D.C., on street-level advertising venues. The Univision campaign lifts the colors and font of the Obama “Hope” campaign graphics, and replaces the stylized “O” with a Univision logo. The posters say:

Hope wasn’t enough. It took Univision.

Presumably “It” refers to President Obama’s victories in 2008 and 2012. The sign clarifies this by adding:

We reach persuadable voters.

Univision is the fifth-largest American television network, reaching 94 million American households.

Recall that the Washington Post teamed with Univision to conduct Democratic Party debates. With one exception, every penny of the thousands of dollars in presidential donations from Univision employees went to Barack Obama.

We’ve grown used to the raw media collusion with the Democrat Party and the institutional left. Now they are incorporating the collusion into their promotional campaigns. It isn’t bias anymore — it’s teamwork.