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On Kelly File: DOJ, the Police, and Cleveland

I was on the Kelly File last night discussing the Department of Justice's action against the Cleveland Police Department.  The video:

"DOJ should have to prove these cases in court.  These agreements make cops spend time doing reports, cops have to go to sensitivity training taught by people contracted by the DOJ. . . .  Places where the DOJ has done this like Los Angeles has resulted in more crime, more lawlessness more mayhem.  But that doesn't matter to the ideological bureaucrats who are pushing these actions.  They care about an anti-police agenda more than they care about safe streets.  This is part of a broader effort to make cops beholden to Washington D.C. instead of good policing on the streets.

Don't forget the people who are doing these DOJ reports believe that cops are guilty until proven innocent. A few racists emails does not violate federal law.  Cops are allowed to be racist and as bad as that is it doesn't violate federal law.  It requires a pattern or practice, which means an ongoing continuing thing.  And the people who write these reports at DOJ have biases against police officers."