Rule of Law

The ISIS Death Cult

The video of ISIS barbarians burning to death a Jordanian pilot sure makes one empathize with Israel. Thirty years ago, Israel was an oasis of sanity surrounded by nation-states essentially hostile but essentially tamed.  Now, Israel is surrounded by an exploding movement of bloodthirsty ISIS murderers.  Contrary to what President Obama would have you believe, the I in ISIS doesn’t stand for International.

What is exploding around Israel in the Middle East is now a modern death cult.  Only in a culture as warped and backwards as the Middle East could a video of a human being burned alive in a cage attract supporters.  Yet the American left wailed about Abu Ghraib for months.

Yes, yes, America is better than that. We’ve heard it all before. Tool around the internet a bit and you’ll find the voices most critical of Abu Ghraib seem to have little to say about the growing ISIS barbarity in the Middle East.

That’s because they are incapable of outrage against evil unless they can brand it as American.

What is exploding in the Middle East is a death cult filled with adults who have never morally evolved past the strange child who plucks the wings off of flies.  It is a death cult from the Middle Ages.


When Saint Pope John Paul II and his successor Francis speak relentlessly of a “culture of life,” many only hear the issue of abortion.  But we are seeing through the barbarity of ISIS that a culture of life means much more.   It is a linear promise that extends from arguments for life in the United States to moral barriers to the ISIS barbarity.

Some say that the actions of ISIS are in literal accord with the teachings of Islam.  Others, including the last two presidents, aggressively disagree.  I am no Islamic scholar, but if the teachings of Islam can support the barbarity against the innocent by ISIS in the slightest way, the world is in for a wicked future.

Yet when Obama makes the obligatory condemnation of ISIS barbarity, it is reminiscent of President Jimmy Carter making the obligatory condemnation of the Soviet Union.  The words are there, but little else.

The Jewish people have endured what happens when a death cult acquires the means of mass extermination.  After this unique horror ended, the Jewish people were given a homeland, surrounded by enemies unwilling to accept their presence.  It forever puzzles me that wherever the Jewish people may be found, wicked and bloodthirsty people seek to do them harm.


The steady stream of videos showing the innocent being burned alive or their heads sliced off with a hunting knife is nothing less than a Satanic bloodlust.  It is no accident that these murderers have graduated to fire.  Expect more of the same until the civilized world gathers itself to oppose them in effective ways.

What should concern everyone who places value on life and religious freedom is that the murderers are not lunatics.  They are calculated, savvy and entirely convinced they are following the commands of their religion.  If they continue to attract adherents in the Middle East, and even in east London or Paris, the world is in trouble.