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Wicked Mobs, Cop Killers, and the Attorney General

Wickedness has darkened this season of lights in Brooklyn.  It is no surprise or accident that a ghoul like Ismaaiyl Brinsley bathed himself in messages of hate, racial division and anger and then chose to destroy lives.  But Brinsley wasn’t alone in his racially soaked hatred of the police.


For starters, a mob has Brinsley’s back.  This seemingly disconnected mob has been on the prowl in the months since America learned of Ferguson, Missouri.  They’ve smashed up windows of banks in Berkeley, burned up bakeries in Ferguson, and looted, burned, shot, robbed and killed across the nation.  But such mobs are really never disconnected, are they?

When a mob led by Al Sharpton chants on the streets of New York City they want “dead cops,” people should expect dead cops.  The clapping and laughing at the crime scene in Brooklyn as well as the happy-it-happened racialist venom on Twitter leave no doubt that the mob has Brinsley’s back.



Three years ago, we saw similar mobs rampage across London after a police officer used legal and justified deadly force against a drug-dealing gangster who likely was armed. To the London mobs, Mark Duggan’s race explained the police use of deadly force.

Fire, just as in Ferguson, was the London mob’s favored weapon. The London mob burned down dreams and destroyed lives, as Brinsley did in Brooklyn. The House of Reeves in Croydon, a furniture store which survived even Hitler’s blitz seventy years earlier, burned to ash.

But fire returned to London and accomplished what even Hitler couldn’t.

House of Reeves Burns in 2011

House of Reeves burns in 2011

Unfortunately, the line separating mayhem and a peaceable kingdom can be a thin one indeed.  Across the tide of time, the destruction and violence of the wicked is a far more common human experience than what we in the West have come to expect.

Horrors going by the names of Solovki, Mokotow, Nantes, Chelmno, Medz Yeghern, Konye-Urgench, the Harrying of the North and Choeung Ek  barely scratch the surface of how people just like you and me endured the horrors of Hell.  Human experience is filled with thousands of other names and places, so many that our present age, our American experience, is the outlier across time.


In this season of lights, it is appropriate to ask what separates our experiences from these horrors? Why is this age, in the West, blessed?

For starters, our culture has elevated the commandment Thou Shall Not Kill to a place of reverence. The culture of the West has largely distinguished itself by elevating the dignity of the individual, by treating others as they wish to be treated.

But ideas alone aren’t enough to turn back barbarians.  Sir Winston Churchill understood that leaders must lead civilized people against barbarism. “Civilization will not last,” he said at the University of Bristol in 1938, “freedom will not survive, peace will not be kept, unless a very large majority of mankind unite together to defend them and show themselves possessed of a constabulary power before which barbaric and atavistic forces will stand in awe.”

Without men in power and police on the streets who share these values, history trends toward barbarism.

All of which brings us to Eric Holder and his swarm of lawyers at the Justice Department.  Holder, rather than opposing the lawless, says things to make the mob’s fury seem more justified.  Holder went to Ferguson and complained that the police even treated him in a racially unfair manner. His stories are always thin on detail and merit closer media scrutiny.

Soon after the inauguration in 2009, I experienced Holder’s odd tendency to side with the lawless. Early on, I attached the term “lawless” to this administration when I published my first piece on the New Black Panther dismissal in the Washington Times. I noted the dismissal “is part of a creeping lawlessness infusing our government institutions.”


After visiting Ferguson, Holder sent swarms of federal officials into town and made it clear the federal government was on the side of the protesters.  The “constabulary powers” which Churchill spoke of had crossed over.

For those who haven’t paid attention to Holder’s anti-police policies, now is a good time to start paying attention.  And it isn’t just Holder.  He’s hired swarms of other lawyers and put them in important positions where their anti-police attitudes have become federal government policy.

Hans von Spakovsky covered the rabidly leftist backgrounds of the lawyers hired by Holder who police the police.  For example, Christy Lopez was hired as a deputy chief of the section. Prior to working at DOJ, Lopez helped an illegal alien support group called Casa de Maryland teach aliens how to avoid speaking with police officers.  Even worse, von Spakovsky notes:

On her resume, Ms. Lopez proudly references the paper she authored for the liberal American Constitution Society, entitled “The Problem with ‘Contempt of Cop’ Arrests.” She also highlights the presentation she gave on “Flying While Brown” at the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee’s annual convention. She has made numerous media appearances alleging post 9/11 ethnic profiling. She is also a founding partner of “Independent Assessment and Monitoring,” which provided oversight of police departments and prisons.

Lopez had the perfect qualifications to work for Eric Holder.  She was a crusader against cops.  We’ll return to Lopez in a moment, but Lopez isn’t alone.

DOJ Lawyer Christy Lopez

DOJ lawyer Christy Lopez


Every single one of her coworkers hired by Holder is a radical leftist, more often taking the side of the lawless than the law-abiding citizen.  The professional background of attorney after attorney in Holder’s Special Litigation Section reads like a farce.  They’ve worked for Islamic terrorists, black nationalist groups and even an organization called the Junta for Progressive Action.  The backgrounds of every one of them are here and here, and every police department in the country should understand who the lawyers are who might press actions against them.

These lawyers are not fans of “constabulary powers.”  You cannot fully understand what the Justice Department’s policies are toward police officers without understanding the outlandish personal and professional backgrounds of the lawyers enforcing those policies.

To oversee these dozens of new radical lawyers, President Obama appointed a radical’s radical to lead them —  Debo Adegbile.  Adegbile was Obama’s nominee to head the Civil Rights Division at Justice.  Adegbile’s anti-police history is what eventually sunk his nomination.

In response, Obama and Holder have tapped Vanita Gupta to run the Civil Rights Division as acting assistant attorney general, and eventual nominee.  Gupta is no different than Adegbile except that she didn’t represent Mumia Abu-Jamal, the cop killer, like Adegbile did.

Vanita Gupta came from the ACLU, where she spent most of her time waging a war against the police.  Some conservatives have made the mistake of saying nice things about Gupta, positions which can perhaps be explained away because of some uncomfortable parochial interests.  These personal interests, however, should give way to a matured opposition in today’s incendiary anti-police atmosphere.


After filling government jobs with anti-police radicals, Holder’s Justice Department got busy attacking police departments and law enforcement across the United States.  Actions against police departments have been launched in Seattle, Portland, Cleveland, Albuquerque, New Orleans, Miami, and, naturally, New York City.

In Ferguson, Holder even leveraged federal power to agitate against police officers wearing bracelets of solidarity with Officer Darren Wilson.  In a letter signed by Christy Lopez of the Special Litigation Section, the Justice Department says such bracelets “upset and agitated people.”

The mob was offended, and thus Holder acted.  Holder used his power to attack “constabulary powers,” over jewelry.

To “train” police officers how to behave, Holder’s Justice Department has hired an outfit which has been affiliated with Angela Davis.  That would be the same Angela Davis who was a Black Panther radical. That’s the same Angela Davis who went on trial for the murder of a judge presiding over another murder trial of race radicals who killed a prison guard. Davis is still a racially venomous anti-police radical.  That Holder’s DOJ goes within a country mile of her is a disgrace.

Holder’s lawyers aren’t beyond using lies, deceit and illegal conduct to frame cops either. Take the Justice Department’s prosecution of New Orleans police officers on civil rights charges.  In that trial, Justice Department lawyers illegally and unethically set up fake blogging accounts.  The DOJ lawyers ran a sock-puppet campaign against the cops on trial by posting comments to newspapers.  They commented on evidence and attacked witnesses helpful to the police.


Some of these DOJ lawyer puppeteers were sacked, but one was not. If you don’t know who Karla Dobinski is, you must to understand Holder’s tolerance of any means necessary to convict cops.

Dobinski was one of the lawyer puppeteers in the campaign against cops.  Federal Judge Kurt Engelhardt called the DOJ misconduct “grotesque” in a 129-page order that must be read to fully understand the anti-cop rot inside Holder’s Justice Department.


Karla Dobinski

But Dobinski acted even more unethically than her fellow DOJ sock puppets.  Dobinski was in charge of the “taint team” at DOJ.  In short, it was Dobinski’s job to guard against any information obtained in the internal affairs investigation conducted by the New Orleans Police Department from being used against the police on trial.  Dobinski’s job was to protect the rights of the defendant cops.

Instead, Dobinski became a sock puppet, and joined in the anonymous DOJ campaign posting comments about the cops at newspaper sites.  To top it all off, the DOJ lawyer puppeteers lied to the federal judge and said they were not puppeteers.

Here’s the kicker – Dobinski is still employed at as managing lawyer in the DOJ component which investigates the police.  She makes over $155,500 a year plus benefits.  This isn’t the first time Dobinski landed herself in trouble for violating DOJ polices.

Holder could remove this stain from the Justice Department’s exercise of power over state and local police departments by firing Dobinski, but he hasn’t. His inaction speaks for itself.  Senate Republicans should demand an assurance from Holder’s potential replacement, Loretta Lynch, that she will do what’s right and remove Dobinski from federal employment.


Because Dobinski was on the side of those trying to convict the New Orleans cops, she gets a pass.  Dobinski has the right attitudes, she has the right politics.  Brazenly unethical conduct by DOJ lawyers against police officers is rewarded by preserving a GS-15-10 job.  Instead of punishment, Dobinski still enjoys three weeks of vacation a year.

Remember, the police are the problem, just like the mob says.

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