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Acting Head of Justice Department Civil Rights Division Named

Molly Moran has been named as acting head of the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division. Some biographical information.

Moran was serving as Eric Holder’s Deputy Chief of Staff. The Washington Post reports that Moran has been “overseeing, among other things, the department’s voting rights lawsuits.”

Note that Eric Holder has picked a political appointee, his Deputy Chief of Staff, overseeing voting lawsuits. No wonder there seems to be so much politics involved with Justice Department election decisions. Now that Moran is in place as the Acting Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights, expect a more seamless chain of politicized command over election litigation. Moran will have enormous power over the mid-term elections.

We also know that the taxpayers sent Ms. Moran on a lovely jaunt to New Zealand during the federal government sequester.  Before law school, Moran worked for Congressman Tim Roemer (D-In.).  After law school, Moran represented corporations defending against mass tort claims, a history sure to call into question her authenticity among the rank and file at the Civil Rights Division.

One former Department of Justice political appointee in the Bush administration said Moran’s lack of civil rights authenticity is a defensive play by Holder. “This is a hey lefties, please don’t screw things up politically for me (like the Education move to block charters in Louisiana) – at least be subtle in your left wingerey.’ pick.”