Rule of Law

GOP Sheriff Indicted in Envelopes-of-Cash Plot to Help Illegal Aliens


I know some in the Republican party are trying to help illegal aliens stay in the United States, but this is getting ridiculous.

U.S. Attorney Bill Nettles said Tuesday that the 68-year-old Lexington County Sheriff James Metts faces 10 charges of taking bribes. He is also charged with wire fraud and conspiracy.

Court documents say Metts allowed friends to buy favors, accepting cash in return for agreeing to assist people who were in the country illegally and who were being detained.

The indictment detailed several phone calls between Metts and a former Lexington Town councilman, who was acting as a go-between for the owner of several Mexican restaurants. Metts accepted an envelope full of cash in exchange for keeping some of the restaurants’ employees from ending up in federal databases of immigrants who weren’t supposed to be in the U.S., according to the indictment.

Metts once pondered a run for the Republican Party nomination for South Carolina Governor.