Blocked: Debo Adegbile as Mumia Abu Jamal 2.0

Yesterday Debo Adegbile’s nomination to head the Civil Rights Division at the Justice Department failed 47-52. It didn’t take long for left-wing media to claim Adegbile was rejected … (drum roll) … because America is a racist country. Such a claim puts him right there in a class with Mumia Abu Jamal as a supposed victim of American structural racism.


These people just cannot stop viewing the world through the lens of race.

Wrote the reliably bitter Andrew Cohen at the Atlantic:

The Senate’s rejection of Adegbile, in the fashion in which it occurred, demonstrates how much work is left to do on civil rights in America. In a month, Debo Adegbile went from being a man poised to fight against America’s deep racial divide to being a victim of that divide.

I appeared on The Kelly File on Fox News last night to explain why Debo Adegbile’s rejection has the left so angry — including the president. They view the world like Debo does, through the lens of race. They are upset because a radical who shares their racialist views won’t get the chance to have a high-paying government job from which he can impose those views on the rest of America.

Cohen and others pop in Mumia tapes from the 1980s to explain Adegbile’s defeat: America won’t give a fair shake to anyone of color; America is bad; America has original sin. On and on.


Adegbile is now a man in rare air among the left — a man wronged because of his skin color, just like Mumia was.

This episode and the fallout show how important it was to defeat Adegbile. A price must be paid for judging people by the color of their skin and not the content of their character. People like Cohen and Adegbile will never be able to stop doing that, yet thankfully, the Senate did yesterday.


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