Justice for Trayvon, Race-Hustler Style

Right now, hanging on the door of a federal employee's office in the Department of Justice Voting Section is a sign expressing racial solidarity with Trayvon Martin.  What this has to do with the Department of Justice is perhaps a mystery, but not to me.

One might ponder why the Justice Department Civil Rights Division rushed to Florida in the first place and took sides once the racial furnace was sufficiently stoked.  When Eric Holder's old pal from D.C. (and a Philadelphia court case), New Black Panther chieftain Malik Zulu Shabazz, called for a 10,000 strong black-male mob to seize George Zimmerman, we knew what was in store.

It wasn't going to be justice.

But Justice came to Florida anyhow, in the form of the Community Relations Service of Eric Holder's DOJ.  Instead of calming the racial tensions, the DOJ took sides.  Instead of calming the mob, the DOJ joined it -- providing training for the mob and even arranging a police escort.

This is justice, race-hustler style. When Malik Zulu Shabazz demands blood, Eric Holder arrives to deliver a more moderate face to mob anger.

But notice Holder never condemned the calls for vigilantism.  Why would he? We've learned Holder's sense of justice depends on what the parties look like.  He never has a discouraging word for certain agitators, including Malik Zulu Shabazz.

But if you are Texas, South Carolina, or a majority of the Supreme Court, beware.

Now the nation sees what race-hustler style justice looks like at trial.  Florida, cowed into bringing charges after the race-hustler threats and overt DOJ "interest," at last is forced to put on a case before a jury.  And what a clown show it has become.

The star witness for the prosecution, Rachel Jeantel, tells America with a straight face that "cracker isn't a racial term."

Right, and the New Black Panthers didn't do anything wrong.

Rachel, call Tom Perez at the DOJ.  He has a job waiting for you.


Jeantel also testified she couldn't read cursive writing. In particular, she couldn't read her statement she purportedly wrote (in cursive) implicating George Zimmerman.

If  the prosecutors had any sense of justice, at this point they would call a recess and null process the case. But this is justice, race-hustler style. The lawyers probably would be afraid to leave the courthouse if they did.  Malik Zulu Shabazz might put a bounty on their heads next.