La Raza (The Race) Partners with Feds to Hire Government Employees

The National Council of La Raza (translation: The Race) has partnered with the Office of Personnel Management to encourage Hispanic activists and members to burrow into the federal government.


A workshop sponsored by La Raza/The Race will take place in New Orleans on July 23, 2013. Senior Executive Service (SES) employees are federal government employees in special executive management positions, often with salaries approaching $200,000 per year (and well past that with benefits).

OPM, a federal government agency, is cooperating and partnering with La Raza’s/The Race’s burrowing efforts.  From the OPM press release on OPM letterhead:

The National Council of La Raza (NCLR) [The Race] is hosting a series of leadership development workshops geared towards Federal employees on July 23, 2013, in New Orleans, LA. These workshops are a part of the 2013 NCLR Annual Conference from July 20-23, 2013. The workshop topics on July 23rd will include an overview of the Senior Executive Service (SES) and instruction on how to prepare and apply for a SES position.

The 2012 La Raza/The Race conference in Las Vegas featured panels titled “We Have Seen the Future and the Future is Ours,” “Latinos and America’s Growing Clean Energy Economy,” and “Critical Conversation About Latina Reproductive Health,” which featured Planned Parenthood officials speaking to this largely Catholic group.  Simply, La Raza/The Race is a race-based organization seeking political power, which is nothing new in human history.


Once hired, a federal “SES” employee may be moved anywhere in the nation at will by the administration, which means the next Republican president has the power to move SES employees to the weather bureau in North Dakota at will (no offense to North Dakota).

The federal government should not partner with partisan racial groups to help their members burrow into the high-paid bureaucracy, especially not with this poisonous and divisive organization.


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