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Add Me to the List of IRS Targets

Franklin Graham, the Tea Party, and Larry Conners all faced the wrath of the Obama IRS.

You can add me to that list.

After Obama was elected, I faced my first IRS audit shakedown after decades of filing income tax returns. Overdue coincidence?  Perhaps.

Given the headlines of the past 48 hours, perhaps not.

My audit experience was a headache, as anyone who has experienced one can attest.  When it happened, a former IRS lawyer with whom I associated in private practice told me – “it’s no accident you were audited.”

I brushed it off.  But I wonder how many left-wing election lawyers and leftist bloggers were audited.  Any Media Matters drones face an audit in the last four years? Step right up and announce yourself if you did.

Now we are learning that IRS employees committed crimes to aid the Left – shaking down conservative groups for information, and leaking the results to the Left.

I saw the IRS letters to Tea Party groups years ago.  They read like an opposition researcher’s fantasy:  demands for the names of volunteers, money, content of speeches, donors, offices, on and on and on.

Last week President Obama addressed Ohio State University students.  He told them to ignore the voices warning them of big intrusive government.  In doing so, he gave the middle finger to the philosophy and people who launched this nation.

Ronald Reagan was the better of Obama in so many ways, including his understanding of human history. He rightly warned us of a danger as old as time – that “freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”

This wild, disturbing and dishonest week makes clear which of the two presidents was right.

And about that IRS shakedown — after the audit and many hours of wasted time, the IRS ended up owing me $100.

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Update: To read how a Philly area Tea Party eventually shut down because of the IRS abuse, read this.