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Tom Perez: What You Need To Know About the Most Radical Cabinet Nominee

Today, President Obama issues a challenge to Republican Senators: in nominating Tom Perez as Labor secretary, he implies that Senate Republicans don’t have either the guts or organizational skill to stop what would become perhaps the most radical left-wing cabinet member in history.

Whether the president is right about GOP senators remains to be seen.

As they say, I wrote the book on Tom Perez. My New York Times bestseller Injustice: Exposing the Racial Agenda of the Obama Justice Department is largely a catalog of the rancid racialism over which Perez has presided.

The New Black Panther case is one small part. But so are the eighth-grade transvestite lawsuits in New York, and so are the race quotas in New York City. PJ Media has been covering Perez in a way that no other outlet has for the last three years: his wars on peaceful Catholic pro-life protesters, his dishonesty under oath, and his overruling of career DOJ lawyers in the South Carolina Voter ID case are but three more from a long list of radical transgressions.

Make no mistake — that’s why Obama appointed him.

Obama knows power is fleeting. You have a short amount of time to affect a large amount of change. He knows Perez is an unapologetic leftist from the Hugo Chavez-wing of the Democrat Party. (Not an exaggeration: Chavez once had Citgo make a payment to Perez’s illegal alien advocacy group Casa de Maryland.)

Below, a list of some of PJ Media’s coverage:

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