Rule of Law

Fox News: Rand Paul's Payoff

I was on Fox News yesterday talking about drones, Eric Holder, and Senator Rand Paul’s filibuster. Paul’s filibuster shows what an emboldened Republican Party can accomplish. Was it political theatre? Of course, but who cares?  All of politics is theatre, and for the last decade or so, the Democrats have been better at it.  Superior stagecraft gave Obama two presidential victories and the subsequent policy wins such as Obamacare. Notice in my Fox hit I make allusion to Republican senators like Sen. Ted Cruz actually showing up to hearings and asking tough questions. This is a serious problem, particularly in high-profile hearings with the attorney general. When Republicans show up and fight, as Cruz and Paul have done, Holder makes mistakes, and the administration retreats in the face of an aggressive opposition.  That’s the lesson of the Paul filibuster.


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