DOJ Sends Lawyers to Monitor South Carolina Election With 186 Voters

Last week was a bad one for the Eric Holder Justice Department. A federal court ruled that South Carolina was a prevailing party in the voter ID litigation the state was forced to bring after Holder blocked the state law under the Voting Rights Act. (PJ Media had previously reported that career lawyers at the DOJ Voting Section had found the law to be nondiscriminatory but were overruled by political appointee Tom Perez).


The response to the court’s ruling? Send DOJ lawyers from Washington D.C. to monitor a special election for a town council seat in Branchville, South Carolina (voting-age population: 800). A whopping 186 people voted in the special election while the DOJ probably spent thousands to send the lawyers.

Branchville Raylrode Daze Festivul

Because Holder is ideologically opposed to voter ID (he falsely called it a poll tax, a label even the leftist 9th Circuit Court of Appeals rejected), the jaunt to Branchville is a bit of sour grapes.

Branchville doesn’t have but a few polling places. But DOJ lawyers and federal employees monitored voting, and trolled for any voters that might have difficulty. They collected evidence which may eventually be used against South Carolina in future actions, or just as likely, for leaks by his press shop to sympathetic left-wing bloggers.


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