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How to Replace Eric Holder, President Romney Style

When I give speeches or interviews, I am often asked how the Department of Justice can be fixed. Of course Mitt Romney has to win in November to undo the damage Eric Holder has done. But winning is only step one. It is just as important that President Romney appoint the right person as attorney general. Appointing the wrong person will cover over the rot inside DOJ (and perhaps even strengthen it) because some conservatives will be less willing to criticize bad DOJ policies in a Romney administration.

So who is the right person to serve as Eric Holder’s replacement? First, let’s list some qualifications. The next attorney general cannot view the threat of terrorism as a law enforcement issue. It is a national security issue and should be treated as such.

Next, because racialist policies are being used to advance a broad leftist agenda to the detriment of American business, institutions, and state sovereignty, the next attorney general cannot be a coward, to borrow Eric Holder’s term, about racial matters. (Of course my New York Times bestseller Injustice details this very problem.) Candidates fearful of what the once-proud and now corrupt NAACP says about him or her are not qualified to serve in a Romney administration. Many others in the GOP sold out the dream of Constitutional racial equality in the face of such threats.

Last, and perhaps most importantly, the next attorney general must recognize that the vast majority of the career civil service will seek to thwart the administration’s goals. The next attorney general sadly must view many in the career civil service as an instrument of Democrat Party policy.

I’ve spoken with a broad range of former Justice Department officials about who satisfies these three requirements, and a number of names emerge.

In no particular order, the people who are best suited to replace Eric Holder are listed below.

No state has suffered under Eric Holder more than Arizona, and nobody knows this more than Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne. Horne is intimately familiar with the radicalism of DOJ policies – from the lawlessness of Fast and Furious to the lawless immigration policies of Eric Holder. Washington could use a dose of common sense from a state attorney general. Horne would bring a healthy skepticism to the bureaucracy and send a signal that the Romney administration will respect state sovereignty over elections while asserting control of American borders.